Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Our First Week of Homeschool!!

Using that perfect curriculum that we have (thanks, Aunt Mandy!!!!), our first two weeks were totally focused on building the foundation for the rest of the school year, to transition us into the homeschooled life, and to review over concepts that are generally understood when starting kindergarten (shapes, colors, etc.)  It was so nice to just ease right into the process.  It was gradual, simple, and the kids looked so forward to school time!  #winning

We reviewed over the first week of the world, reading Scripture, counting the days, drawing pictures, and reading books on creation!  Here are the little school children, creating the clouds and sky with cotton balls!!  One of the best parts of this curriculum is that it's CREATIVE... not to be confused with crafty!!  Glitter, feathers, and googly eyes make me hyperventilate.  Of course, if you can handle that kind of thing, you could totally go all out here.  But for me, pulling out 5 cotton balls and a box of crayons was about all the crafts I wanted... and that's really all you needed, which was so nice!  Creative, NOT crafty. ;)

Another perk of homeschool??  Packing up and taking a field trip whenever it suits our fancy!! This was Tuesday, August 12 - Baby Kate's FIRST birthday!!!!  So we finished up our lesson, packed a lunch, and got in the car to go visit our favorite Aunt Hezzy and Baby Cakes!
Oh.  And Cherry Jam, the cat. :))

Sneaking play-dough and cookie cutters at Hezzy's house!

While we were there, Heather treated us to some chocolate cupcakes... homemade, GOURMET chocolate cupcakes at that!!  The kids were super impressed! :))

Who needs pants when you're in the country??

After a wonderful afternoon of visiting our Kees family and planning to get back together on Saturday for Kate's party,  I had to hurry back to Pineville... as it was Sadie and Rylie's FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL!!!!  Heather even sent back some cupcakes to celebrate!!
Here are our beautiful FIRST GRADERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here are a few more pictures of the kids hard at work during their first week of school!
I did get slightly more crafty when I busted out the construction paper and dot-a-dots.  Points for mom! 

On the third day, God created plants!
Including apple trees and blueberry bushes, as evidenced by Vannie's work :))

Matching upper- and lower-case letters and putting them in alphabetical order!

Andrew got some hands-on school time with Pops when they replaced our brake pads!  What a big boy, just learning from the best! 

Ahhh, this is just too much!!

Cousin Callie gets to come over for school time some days and that always makes it super fun!!!  After learning about all the fruits and vegetables that God made, we threw some of them into our blender and made a smoothie!!!  Spinach, avocados, blueberries, strawberries, grapes, you name it, we put it in!  And it was deeeeelicious, can't you tell??? :))  Our God makes all good things!
More school fun, coming soon!

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  1. I love this!! Christopher was home schooled k-12 and I was home schooled for most of my life (I did one year in public school and two in private, but the rest were home school). And we are big supporters of it. We're not against public or private schools by any means, but we do hope to be able to home school for our family someday. :) Good to know I can come to you with questions because you'll be so far ahead of me! :)


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