Friday, September 19, 2014

Savannah Starts KINDERGARTEN!

My sweet Vannie.  Only 5 years old.  How is it time to start school already?!  I understand why people say times flies by...  It really does, especially when you're a mom.  The days can be so long, but the years truly pass so quickly.  I am so thankful to have stayed home with you, playing and teaching and talking with you. I was able to hear your silly songs, watch you learn how to hold a pencil correctly, and recognized it when you actually read your first word...  it was "cat." :)
 Through the Lord's guidance, I came to see my role in your life through kindergarten..  as your very own teacher. :))  I never would have dreamt it up... ever.  The Lord is so good, though.  He knows what we need better than we know ourselves.  He knew this would be what was best for you AND for me. He has put this overwhelming excitement and passion in my heart... I get to be your teacher for your first year of school!!!  This is going to be SO FUN, VANNIE!!!  :))))
Just so that you can go back and read it one day, here is the link to how Jesus showed me that this is what He had for us...  All we have to do is trust and obey!!

The night before the first day of school, August 10, Daddy cooked up a delicious celebratory dinner...  Grilled chicken tacos and spanish rice!!

And of course, we needed a chocolate dessert! :))

Andrew even helped cook... cute lil' bbq dude!

The night before your first EVER day of school!

Ha!  I think you were just as excited (and maybe as nervous?) as I was!!

Monday, August 11, 2014:

Your brothers were so excited, too!!  I don't know if they really even understood what was going on, but they knew it was BIG!  :))

We even made a sign at the last minute together because of course, we needed it!!

How did you get so grown up??

 I can't tell you how proud I am of you, Savannah, and of this big day!!
(And y'all!  God is so good, I just had to add this in.  As I was outside taking pictures, my neighbor was walking down the road and saw me.. she got SO excited for me and told me she had just finished homeschooling in May.. her twin sons were now enrolled in college.  Just as we were about to head inside and start our very first day, both excited but so anxious, my neighbor left by saying, "Welcome to the best years of your life."  I could have cried!!  Only God could have sent her at that exact moment to say, "This is it.  This is where I have you.  I will take care of everything."  Ahhhh,  I have goosebumps!!  Our God is a living, breathing, all-knowing God, y'all!!  He is AMAZING and oh, so good!!!

We then went inside and began with the Bible!  No procedures, no lists of expectations, no scope and sequence discussions... just me, my children, and the Bible at our dining room table.  It wasn't fancy, but it was beautiful.  

After talking and reading about the first day of Creation (we even went into Grant's room, made it super dark, and then said, "LET THERE BE LIGHT!" as we tore open the curtains, switched on the lights and shined our flashlights at each other, ha!  They LOVED it!!!), we celebrated our first day by cooking together... a homemade cookie cake, of course.

You beautiful little school girl!

We couldn't wait.  We had to celebrate immediately... with giant, warm slices and cold cups of milk.
What a wonderful first day! :))

The homeschool curriculum I am using is absolute perfection.  I know they say no curriculum is perfect, but this one actually is. :))  I am using My Father's World and as an elementary school teacher, these are the lesson plans of my dreams!  Each week is themed and everything - our Bible lesson, books, math, recipes, games... everything connects, correlates, reinforces, and develops the theme!  Its part Charlotte Mason, part Classical, if you've looked up different homeschool approaches.  It's amazing and just the way I discovered it shows the Lord's hand at work!

(My sister in law, Mandy, who also was led to homeschool, got into a conversation with someone at a bookstore... whose sister was in TIME magazine for the way she homeschooled her two extraordinary sons.. with the MFW curriculum.  Mandy texted me all about it and I was sold!)

 I looked it up and was amazed.  This was it.  We tried the Horizons curriculum for awhile earlier this year as a practice run, but  as one wise woman told me, "There's just too much good stuff out there to stick with something that isn't working!"  That was one of the best pieces of advice I've been given!  17 workbook pages in a row, placing diacritical marks over vowels (Vowels...??  What's a vowel at 4 years old?!) just wasn't going to work for us!!  However, living what we learned - breathing it, singing it, playing it, touching it, DOING it - now that was something that would work.  Staying home and making cookie cakes together as we talked about God and the first day of the world...  that was even better. :))

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  1. Oh little SAVANNAH!!!! You are such a big girl!! Congratulations on your first day of Kindergarten! Grammie should be there soon! I love you!


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