Saturday, November 1, 2014

Baby Poole is aaaaaa.....

On my 28th birthday, we received a wonderful gift.. an ultrasound telling us the gender of Baby Poole #4!!  We planned a small, family gathering at Jen's house to announce the big reveal and my parents and brother's family were even able to be a part of it via Skype!  It was wonderful!

Here are my two precious sisters who went all out to make this such a special day for our Poole Party!

The kids and my in-laws came with us to the doctor's appointment, so the kids knew what we were having before we told everyone!  For the rest of the day, we went over and over and over how when people (AUNT JENNY!) asked what we were having, the kids were to reply with "A surprise!!!!" Hahaha, shockingly, that worked!!

Beautiful Calbug! And since I know you are wondering how my picture quality has suddenly wayyyyy improved on the blog...

THIS IS WHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  My precious husband and in-laws surprised me with this priceless gem!!  YAYYYYYY!!!  I squealed and shrieked right there in Copelands... and the tables around us actually asked what was inside the box that would make me so happy, hahaa!!  I WAS ECSTATIC!!

So of course, I had to use my fancy new camera at the party that night!  Please look and appreciate this gorgeous cake that my incredible husband made for me.  Sighhhh. There are none better, Wade Poole!!  You are the cream of the crop!

Cutie little Jenny with her house all decorated!

So once we had everyone on Skype and we were ready to go, we had two balloons..  I had a pin and popped the balloon stating the gender of what the baby wasn't....  In three... two... one..

It's a BOYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!  A wild, crazy, beautiful Poole boy!!!!!!

All the iPhones skyping with all the family!!  Hahahaa!!  It was so loud and crazy and wonderful!  It's the Brinker way, you know..  :))

I was soooo happy!!  As much as I would have loved to have another little girl, I was equally as thrilled to know that  God had sent another brother for my babies, another son for my Wadie, and another warrior to train up for His kingdom!!  What a sweet, sweet life this is and I'm so thankful for each and every one of my 4 children!  FOUR!!!!  Ahhh, ha!

Big brother Grant!

 Poole Party of SIX!

The beautiful meal my sisters made to celebrate!!!!!  Of course, it was heavenly!

Hahaa, I couldn't get enough of the cute boy balloon...

Savan had had a hard day... Not only did she cry in the ultrasound room when she heard it was NOT going to be a baby sister, but Mommy also popped her "girl" balloon for the gender reveal! Hah!!  She needed some extra hugs and kisses that day!

I caught this one of the girls when everyone had gone outside to scarf down Wadie's wonderful cake!  How cuuuuute is this?!  Sharing secrets since 2008!

What a wonderful 28th birthday!!  Spending the day with my precious family, finding out that mine and my Wadie's fourth baby would be a sweet SON, celebrating 28 years of abundant life..
Because of Jesus.
Only Jesus.
He is my precious Savior, the one who left heaven to die on the cross for MY sins, my mistakes.  He exchanged my debt for His perfect righteousness...
I am nothing without Him. He is all that matters and if there is anything I have learned in the past 28 years, it's that I want to spend every moment of my entire life being thankful for all that my God has done for me!! I want the whole world to know that He is an incredible God, worthy of all glory and honor and praise!!  My heart is consumed!
 May the rest of my life be a reflection of Him..


  1. Yay! You are a pro with the camera 😉. I'm so excited for baby no name to make his appearance in January! Fingers crossed for jan1st!

  2. Aww, hooray! Christopher likes to say we're having six sons and at least a couple of daughters. HA! We'll see what happens. ;) Poor Savannah! I'm sure she'd love a little sister, but she will enjoy being queen among all the boys. :) Plus she has her sweet girl cousins! I'm glad you were able to give her a few extra hugs. :)

  3. This is the sweetest post ever!!!!! Made me tear up!! I'm so thankful for another beautiful Poole boy! And for your amazing words about living for Jesus. You are such a gem, Lissie!!! Love y'all so so much!! So glad I got to Skype in!

  4. Baby girl we are so thankful for our new baby coming! Praise God! Your little boy will be our 12th little grandchild. We are so thankful for you and Wade and for all our children and the love of Jesus! So happy to see baby coming soon. We love you, Mom


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