Monday, November 10, 2014

Callie Turns FOUR!!!

For Callie's fourth birthday, we had a small family get-together to celebrate!!  Hezzy and Baby Kate were even able to make it since they live so close now!!  Hoorayyy!!  Grammie and Pops - we can't wait for you to live here, too!!!

How big does Callie look?!  And so beautiful!!

Pretty, pretty princess!

Baby Kate enjoying some of Callie's prizes!

Spraying her new perfume!

Caught this one of Jenny and her Judey!

Playing with Callie's new toys!

Rylie Bug!

Sweet Sadie!

Aunt Hezzy was there with her fancy camera!!

Beautiful Baby Grant!

Truly the best of friends...  Love these two together!

Baby Brother Judey!

We love our sweet Callie Marie and are so thankful for her!  We get to spend lots of time together and she really is just a like a sister to my kids!  She even asked to move in with us, packing up all her winter clothes and telling me, "Lissie!  I'm going to be your new daughter!!!!"  Hahaa!!  We enjoy her precious little self so much!!  Happy, happy birthday, Cow Lips! ;))

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