Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Creation Weeks!

I have enjoyed homeschooling more than I could have ever anticipated!  There are definitely hard days, moments when it's difficult to push through, and days I just want to skip because it would be easier than making a mess on the dining room table.  (Trying to find something for Grant to do while I teach is BY FAR the hardest part..  I've had to rely on early nap times and full cups of milk, ha!) By God's grace, though, it has been really easy to fall into a routine every day.  It helps that the curriculum is SO easy to follow and it's created to last 60-90 minutes a day!  Here are a few pictures from school!!

This is Van filling up a tens frame!

A little finger painting... which reminded me why I don't really love crafts in the first place, hah!!

Painting the birds of the air and the fish in the sea...

Here we are with Cousin Callie, trying to make animals appear by speaking... just the way that God did it!  We quickly learned that it didn't work!  Only God had the incredible power to SPEAK things into being!

Baby Grant enjoyed finding lots of crawly, squishy bugs in the grass!

The kids even found a butterfly!

After discussing the plants and animals that God created, we had a meal made up of some of His creations!

Baby Grant, however, enjoyed himself a little pb&j! Haa!

All done with our two weeks of creation!

After school one day, we headed over to the elementary school close to us and enjoyed a little recess time on the playground!

Such sweet bliss!

And then I needed a few shots of the kids in their more realistic form.. playing in the dirt and mud. HA!

Love these little LEARNERS! :))

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