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L is for Leaf... And a Little Lagniappe!

One of my favorite parts of our school days is seeing Andrew get to participate!!  He loves getting to be a part of learning time.. even if he makes up his own words and rules as he goes, ha!  Here are a few pictures of the kids working on their addition and subtraction skills!

Such a wonderful gift from our precious Aunt Meggie!!!!

Baby Grant enjoys math time too.. specifically, the breaking up of the puzzle pieces and seeing how many times he can get his siblings to holler, "STOP, GRAAAAAANT!!!!!" 

Christmas stickers make anything fun!  My goal is to have Savannah recognize the number, read the written form, and find the picture that shows all of the same number 1-20 by Christmas!  We have 1-10 down pat and will be working on 11-20 soon!

After the moon, we moved on to the letter L for LEAF!  We talked about different kinds of leaves, watched them fall outside, and then collected leaves of all different shapes, colors, and textures!  We compared and contrasted them.. and of course, Andrew found the "BIGGEST LEAF OF THE WORLD!"  Hahaa! 

We traced them, colored a sheet of paper with the leaves underneath to see all their veins and characteristics, and discussed how we even EAT leaves!!  Here are some examples of leaves that we eat that we found right in our own kitchen!  Oregano, basil, and spinach.. and every single student had to eat a leaf of spinach!  Surprisingly, there were no complaints.  I think they thought it was cool to be eating a leaf.. however, no one asked for more, haha!!  

Even strawberries have leaves!

Andrew may or may not have eaten his strawberry leaves.. :/


As always, the Bible lesson for the week was the coolest part!  We were supposed to use a house plant, but since I don't have one of those, we had to make do with the flowers Wade had brought home for us a few days earlier!  #whateverworks

I told the kids how all the leaves were protected and cared for, how they had plenty of sun and water. As long as all the leaves stayed on the stem, they would be provided for. "But there is one leaf on here that doesn't want to be a part of this plant anymore.  He thinks he knows better and can do more and be more apart from the rest of the plant!  He wants to leave and be his own boss..."  I pulled off the leaf and set him in front of the vase.  I told the kids we would watch and see what would happen.

  Obviously, throughout the week, the leaf began to wither and shrink before it curled up and died.  It made the perfect analogy to explain how when we depart from the Father, it is like going the way of that leaf...  When we think we know better and no longer abide in Him, it leads to the withering of our spirit, a shrinking of our faith, and will eventually lead to death. As long as we remain in Him and He in us, we will bear much fruit, for apart from Him, we can do nothing. Only through Christ can we we have abundant life!! Such a simple, wonderful way to really grasp John 15:5!  

Apparently, while we were learning, Grant escaped to the neighbor's backyard. HA!!  Here are the children, bringing him safely back home...

...which quickly turned into a game of dragging him safely home!  HA!!

Moving right along into the next week, we decided it was time for a field trip!  And since we were now on the letter A, what better place to visit than the ALLIGATOR PARK?!

Ready to go exploring!

Watching the Alligator Feeding Show!  Once the spooky bayou music starts up, the alligators start swarming!

Ready for some chicken!!

So this was unintentional... but seriously, how creepy is this?!?!  Do you see what I see?!?!?  Baby Grant must look mighty tastyyyyy... 

The kids were fascinated by all the jumping and swirling and chomping all the alligators were doing!

Trying to see what the big alligator had for lunch...  

There were even baby goats and deer to feed!!!

I hope this shot was worth it...  I got peed on by a goat while taking it!!!  Hahaa, disgusting!!

Ohhh, yummy!  A Baby Grant!

We then rode the train while waiting for our Hezzy and Baby Cakes to arrive!!  (And by rode, I mean sat in the seat.  For free.  Hahaha!)

Grant was SO HAPPY to see another person his size!!

Seriously, how gorgeous is this baby?!

The sweetest little farmer ever!

Cool dudes!

A date with a gator!

I told Savannah to take a picture with her favorite alligator..  and of course, this is the one she picks!!  The one with candy all dressed in pink!! Her mama has taught her well!

Grant, on the other hand, was petrified...  

Love my sweet sister and the fact that she lives close enough to come on family field trips with us!!!!!!!!

Why should the kids have all the fun?! Wade's face makes me fall out every time, hahaha!


Loved this one!

Ready for the alligator's swamp meet!

So when they play this music, all the alligators surface and swim to the middle of a pond where the "alligator man" strings up pieces of chicken and lets the gators get after it! I loved seeing the kids faces when the gators started coming up out of the water and swimming towards them!

If you've never been to the alligator park, it's aaaaamazing!!  We absolutely loved it!

Kate may not appreciate it now, but she will! :))

Family photos with the gators!

I love all the kids' crazy faces, haha!

Bambi?!  Is that you?!

Oh, goody! More goats to feed. :/

Savannah actually made this really sweet bond with a baby goat! She picked him out and specifically hand-fed just him.. even when the bigger goats saw her favoritism and started butting the poor baby goat up into the air!!!! 

The little goat reminds me of the movie Heidi! So sweet!

Little friends!

You can't tell here, but there was some awesome Cajun music blaring and Baby Kate was getting her groove on, just be-bopping around in her stroller! Haa!!  So cuuuuute!

Hezzy didn't have the same bond with the goats, haha!

That poor baby goat wanted to come with us!

And, apparently, so did this one!!!  

Working the pumps!

For being so cute!

For being so handsome!!

For being so bizarre! ;)  HA!

There is also a little gator town set up... and I thought this was too cute!!  Here is Big Al's Karate Class and Casey's Malt Shop! Casey and Alan!!  How PERFECT!!!  :))

Feeding the raccoons...

After this big workout, it was time to gather around the watering hole!!!

Such a fun day at the Alligator Park with our Hezzy and Baby Kate!!
I love taking unscheduled trips around Louisiana teaching and showing our children the lovely (and not-so-lovely:  I was splashed by an alligator and peed on by a goat!!!) parts of our state!! Ha! Such sweet memories and I look forward to bringing ALL of our cousins next time, especially our three little Texas boys! ;)  The rest of the week we focused on apples as our 'A' theme... SUCH a fun week! Those pictures coming next!

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