Wednesday, November 12, 2014

M is for Moon!

After our first two weeks of creation and then a week of learning about the sun, it was time to move on to our next week's theme - the MOON!  The Bible lesson was really the coolest part of this week..  Just as the moon has no light of its own but is simply a reflection of the sun, so we have no light of our own, but are simply reflections of the light of Christ!  Such an easy analogy, but so profound!  I loved it!!  We also talked about the craters and boulders on the moon and created a picture of it outside using flour, rocks, and a cookie sheet!  Easy, peasy, lemon squeezy.

Making craters on the moon with rocks!  By tossing a rock into the flour, you can easily see craters being formed, just like they are on the moon!

Even Baby Grant got in on the fun!

Love seeing these little children learn through play!

Grant was awfully quiet one morning during school and this is how I found him.. in the corner with Daddy's shaving cream!  Hahaa!!  Ssssneaky ssssnake!

In our amazing curriculum, there was a recipe for Moon Cake.. and since it was just a few days after Callie's birthday, we decided we had to turn this into a birthday Moon Cake!  Here we are mixing together the moon's surface...

Creating a large, medium and baby-sized crater...

Each student had an ingredient to pour into their crater:
Vanilla, oil, and baking soda!

We then poured vinegar over the baking soda...

And the kids loved watching it bubble, bubble, bubble!

Adding in our moon rocks - raisins!!

And then we added our moon dust!

Here's our attempt at spelling 'moon' in sign language!

And then it was time to slice up the cake and celebrate our Calbug!

Happy birthday to our precious 4 year old!

I know this moon cake doesn't look like much, but we thought it was delicious!!

Here is a quick picture of the kids before church on Sunday - my sweet little bunnies!

Our last activity for moon week was to talk about gravity and compare how far we can jump on Earth compared to how far we can jump on the moon!  Savannah, Andrew, and Grant each jumped as far as they could and we marked it.. and then multiplied that distance by six!  (Because you can jump six times farther on the moon than on Earth... oh, the things you learn when you have to teach, ha!)

With Daddy's help, we jumped... and flew up the driveway to see what our jumping distance on the moon would feel like!

Ready... set....


Flying up the driveway... six times farther than ever before!

Andrew's turn!

And then Graaaaaant!

Baby Grant loves school time! :))

Oh!  How could I forget! HERE is our last moon activity!! This actually was not as fun as it looked on Pinterest, ha!  I couldn't get all the Oreo's perfectly shaped to show the moon's phases, but I tried my best... and hollered at the kids to quit touching them, smelling them, and licking them while I worked, hahaa!! 

 Butttt, after 2 seconds of going over this, the kids got to pig out on this worksheet's worth of moon information.. and that was the best part of this activity! ;))
Moon week really was wonderful!!  We practiced writing our S's and M's, learned how we can be lights to the world just like Jesus, and talked about whole, halves, and quarters - all in relation to the moon! Get it?! Whole moons, half moons, quarter moons... Sooo cute!  We even took the kids in the wagon for a moonlit walk down our street and watched how the moon came with us the whole way! Love that school doesn't start and end at specific times, but it lasts all day and sometimes... even into the night. :))

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