Saturday, November 8, 2014

S is for Sun - Part 2

I promise there won't be as many pictures for each week of school as this first week, ha!!  It was all just so new and exciting, I had to do every single extra activity that the curriculum suggested! We discussed the sun and the way everything on the Earth needs it to grow... the same way that Jesus is the light and everyone on Earth needs Him to grow and have abundant life!!  It was a beautiful comparison and Savannah remembers it to this day!

Here are the little children watching their shadows shorten and then grow throughout the day!

It was fascinating to stand in the same spot at different hours throughout the day and watch how our shadows changed!

Sweet friends!

And this is how we cut the grass in the country, y'all!  It's the kids' most favorite joy ride! 

For math, we learned about patterns!  We went outside and used sidewalk chalk to draw a sun and create patterns for the rays!  Orange, yellow, orange...  orange, orange, yellow, yellow.. it was so fun and even baby brother got to help!

We also used the sun to make RAISINS!!!!!!!!  We each got a handful of grapes...

Look, Mom!  I have earrings like you!!  ;))

We then set them out on Daddy's old truck to wait... and wait... and wait... and wait. Hahaa!!  The kids went outside every few minutes to check and see if the grapes had turned to raisins yet.  It actually took between 2 and 3 weeks to have them majorly shrivel up.. and even still, they hadn't completely turned into raisins!  It definitely made us appreciate the work that goes into the raisins we simply grab out of a bag! (And funny story - Wade was cleaning out his old truck to give away and Andrew was very, very concerned and said, "Daddy!!!  You can't give away your truck!!  It has our raisins on it!!!!!"  Hahahaha! Soooo sweet!!!!)

My beautiful little girl!!

Baby Grant snacking on some of our science experiment grapes!

I love being her teacher!

Our "badge" for the week - with expertly cut sun rays, handcrafted by Daddy!

This hambone is learning SO much with his sister, too!

Pipe cleaners turned into S's!

We also put beans into a bag and in the sunlight in order to watch them grow!  Just as the plants need the sun to grow, so we need the Son to grow!!  You see what I did there..?? ;))

For our last experiment during "sun" week, we put sunscreen on a black sheet of construction paper! The kids discussed whether the sunscreened part of the sheet would be darker or lighter than the rest of the sheet after a few hours in the sun!  (This is great to show how sunscreen works on our skin, too!)

Savannah guessed that the parts of the sheet with sunscreen would be darker than the rest of the sheet while Andrew hypothesized that they would be lighter.  

Setting them out in the sun!

Obviously, the parts with sunscreen would be darker while the rest of the sheet faded and it looked right... right up until it started raining.  And then the sunscreened part looked white and faded while the rest of the sheet grew darker and darker, hahaha!!  Try explaining that to the kids! 

           One last picture of my girl! Here she is ready for church...
and for a whole new week of school!!!!!!
The Bible lesson for this week was so incredible!  The sun helps us to see where to go, it helps everything to thrive, develop, and grow, and life is impossible without it!  In the same way, Jesus is the light of this dark world, showing us where to go and how we should walk, and true, abundant life is impossible without Him! Love these lessons that help my children (and ME!) learn about Jesus using simple ideas they can understand! What a bright, sunshiny week!! :))

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  1. Lissie! God has blessed you and Wade so very much. WOW! I love the Pooles!
    Love MOM


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