Wednesday, November 5, 2014

S is for Sun!

Late one night, I was getting things together for school the next day and asked Savan if she would put her flashcards in alphabetical order.  Of course, she is a go-getter and took it one step farther..  seriously, she is the easiest child in the world to teach.  (Brother may be a different story next year though, ha!!) Savannah got her little figurine toys and said their names aloud as she placed them on the card that showed the letter that their name started with!  E is for Elsa and C is for Captain Hook, of course. Duhhhh.  ;))  Who says learning time happens between 8 and 3?!

Learning with princesses is always so much fun!

Brother has his own Pre-K book (from Sam's Club!) to work through while Savannah does her own school work.  I love that they learn together!

Baby Grant, on the other hand, just sits there and looks pretty! :))

Shaving cream letters!  To be completely honest here, this is the only time we have done this.. but it WAS fun and super easy to clean up.  I guess I just don't want to take the time to walk the fifteen extra steps every week to go get the shaving cream out. Slacker. Wade was also not excited to learn that I had used the rest of his shaving cream up and he had to go to work the next few days like a big woolly bear.  But who doesn't love a good woolly bear in their hospital room?! :)) 

Daddyyyy, we needed your shaving cream!!  Don't you want us to learn?!

Practicing writing her S's!

Skunk starts with S!

Sun starts with s!!

And here is Brother's picture that shows that 
Savannah starts with S!  Hahahahaha!

Savannah likes doing Brother's work too so she finishes whatever he doesn't!  I wonder how long that will last.... #bestbigsisterever
Our words to memorize this week was "Jesus is the light of the world!"  And I can't think of a better way to begin our kindergarten school year!  More pictures of this week to come! :))

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