Monday, December 22, 2014

A is Always for Apple Pie!

Because I love taking pictures of the kids before church, here are a few quick pics from September!!

Such sweet little friends!!

After studying "L is for leaf," we planted pinto beans in a ziplock bag with a wet paper towel... and a few days (okay, maybe weeks because we forgot, ha!!), we took them out the bag to find roots! Stems! Seedlings! And more beans! So neat!!

After gathering different colored apples at the store together, we came home to learn how to graph!! At first, we tried to put the actual apple on the graph... but quickly discovered they wouldn't all fit!

So we made symbols that represented each apple... learning one-to-one correspondence!

We also read the story of the hidden star in the apple.. and then cut one open to find our own special stars!!!

Jenny celebrated her 33rd birthday this same week, so we had a small family birthday party... that included chocolate cake and dipped strawberries!!  What else does one need???

Love these two together!

My two precious sisters!!

Super attractive, too!! ;))

All the children singing "Happy Birthday" to Jenny!!

Sadie divvying out the strawberries so that everyone got EXACTLY one. Hahaa!!

Here is Callie bug enjoying hers!!!!!

Please look how intent Grant is on that chocolate cake!!  Hahaaa!!

Hezzy and Baby Kate came to help cook and celebrate Jenny's birthday, too!


Sweet Sharbonos!!!

Love our sisterhood!!!  #25weekspregnant!

Beautiful couple!!  Happy Birthday to our incredible Jenny that we love so much and are SO thankful for!! 

And to end our apple week, we obviously just HAD to make an apple pie.  To better learn the letter A, duh.... ;))

Chocolate cake and apple pie all in one week... Wade's favorite and mine.  Can it please be Jenny's birthday every week???????  

And this funny face makes me laugh so I had to include it!!

Such a sweet week of learning about different aspects of apples, tasting them and cooking with them... and of course, our bible lesson was about the fruits of the Spirit!!  After asking Savannah if she had ever seen fruit growing on people, and the answer being no, we talked about how fruit can grow INSIDE of us!!  The more we know and learn about Christ, the more we can imitate Him and develop the fruits of the Spirit in our own lives!  By the end of the week, Savannah knew them all by heart: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control!  Beautiful lesson, beautiful week!

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