Thursday, December 31, 2015

Pre-K Christmas Party

This post is a short one.. Someone else used my camera this night, so I only have a few pictures of our family from the Church Preschool Party.  But this was such a cute idea! The preschool children of our church served their parents Christmas dinner one night - chicken nuggets, mac and cheese, a fruit cup, and a fruit box!

You see who enjoyed our family's juice boxes..

Hahaa, Amber was so great, helping out and looking fabulous!

Grant's hiding place, hahaa!

Our Poole Party with our preschoolers!!

We decorated cookies, made a family handprint tree, read stories, and watched a video made by all our church preschoolers!  Jen thought most of this up and it was just the cutest thing ever! Like our Cal-bug!
We are praying that each of these preschoolers grows up to love and serve Jesus by their obedience to Him.. the true reason for the season. 

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Kicking Off Christmas in Anacoco!!

We started our Christmas season by making a trip to the village of Anacoco for Jason and Heather's  "Hymn Sing!"  Seriously, how cute is that?!  Their church congregation brought Christmas dishes, cheery spirits, and melodic voices so that they could gather in the living room and sing about Jesus' birth!!

And what is a Christmas party without perfect apple cider simmering on the stove??

Cutie little Hezzy working so hard!

...but not too hard! ;)

Heather's home was decorated so beautifully..

These snowy cookies were so delicious! And so pretty. too!!

 While Heather cooked and prepared for the party, I took a few pictures of what was going on outside.  The kids LOVE being at Aunt Hezzy's!!

Peace out, Pops!

Going for a ride with Grammie:

A big backyard full of beautiful views:

These two are so hilarious!! I asked a question about who did what and you can clearly see Grant saying, "Kate did it!!"

"No, Mama! Not me!!!"

Hahahaa!!  Silly boy!!

Pops and Samuel went to rock a spell..

Love this entrance so much, Hezzy!!!

Back inside, here is the hot chocolate station!

Complete with Heather's HOMEMADE marshmallows!!!  Of course, they were perfect.  However, according to Andrew, they had "too much vanilla."  Haha, did they even have vanilla in them, Heather?!  Can you tell he is the son of a baker??

Everyone always enjoys Grammie's hot chocolate!!

I love my Hezzy.. and her church's song nights!!

Beautiful babies.

We set everything out, including Heather's homemade cheese ball, and then got ready for the church folks to arrive!

This is how my kids wanted to greet the church people.. by wrestling in the front yard!!  Savannah, one day Andrew is going to be bigger than you!!  You better enjoy these days while you can, haha!!

Don't you just love seeing houses all lit up with Christmas lights??

Welcome to the Kees' house, y'all!

Once everyone arrived, it was time to EAT!

Grammie made a new friend..

..and she and Samuel hit it off, too!

My baby.

Opening gifts from Aunt Dean, a sweet little lady from Heather and Jason's church!

This is such a sweet picture of what every Christmas should look like!

I loved this one!!

Now that our tummies were full and our voices were warmed up, it was time to sing!!

Whoooo is gonna sing???  Not me!!  
It was such a lovely night, singing Christmas carols out of the old hymn books!  I have missed those!!  Hezzy, it was a perfect party and I'm marking my calendar for next year's! ;))

The kids and I slept over and woke up the next morning to go feed the horses in the pasture!

It looks like he wanted Heather for breakfast.

The kids were a little skittish, but they enjoyed feeding Bucky and Apple lots of carrots!

Wait, you want me to give THIS carrot to the horses??

My carrot?!

Not a chance, buster.

Andrew and Savannah kept raiding Heather's refrigerator for more and more carrots, ha!

We then went for a walk and these two held hands all by themselves.. how sweet!!

Over the river and through the woods, to Grandma's house we go..
We walked this neat little trail to Aunt Regina and Uncle Lester's house!

Back at home, everyone needed a little hot chocolate pick-me-up!

Jen and her kids arrived that afternoon with Daizy.. and Mom created this little train!!  The truck pulled the car that pulled the wagon..

And the kids couldn't get enough!!  They laughed and laughed.. until Callie fell out. And then that was the end of the train ride, hahaa!!  

At 5:45 that night, we loaded up our cars and drove to Hodges Gardens. a State Park super close to Heather's house!  It was the first time in several years that they had decorated it for Christmas and we just had to go see it! 

The kids, of course, were amazed by it all.

We found our way down to the amphitheater where The Polar Express was playing!!  Everyone had come in their jammies, carrying their blankets and pillows with them!

And all the concessions were $1!!  We racked up!!  Or rather, Jen racked up.  Thank you, Jenny, for buying all of our snacks for usssss. ;)

It's crazy because you can't even see the movie playing.. but it was at the bottom of the hill and the kids had an absolute blast, as you can imagine!  I'm thinking this needs to become a tradition!!

Towards the end of the movie, we heard some commotion behind us.. when what to our wandering eyes should appear but SANTA CLAUS and an elf around here!!

They passed out sleigh bells, just like the one from the movie!!  Adorable!!

I love our little group!!  As hard as it was to see with NO overhead lights anywhere, we survived and our 10 children did, too!

And our Christmas season was officially off to a dashing start! ;))

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