Thursday, January 29, 2015

A Brinker Thanksgiving

On November 26, Grammie and Pops drove up to Heather's new house in Anacoco, as did the 4 Brinker children with our spouses and families to celebrate Thanksgiving together!  It's always such a sweet time..  
the girls in the kitchen, cooking and cleaning together..
the boys sitting in the living room, talking about everything from football to theology..
and the kids running wild, dashing in and around everyone's legs..
everyone complaining that they're starving the whole day, but secretly loving the good old-fashioned family time that comes when we are all together (especially at Hezzy's where there is no tv to turn on!)  While we prepared the main meal, Heather had lots of lovely things to hold us over like these gorgeous stuffed mushrooms:

... and this incredible cheese ball! Y'all.  Seriously.  Delish.

Little Judey, looking so cute!

Savannah and Rylie are such sweet friends!

Granthus T. Jones even loved that cheese ball!  Well done, Hezzy!

Beautiful Jenny with her Vannie!

Love this little lady!

Pops with the perfect little hostess!

If Thanksgiving is a time to give thanks, then behind Jesus, I am most thankful for this man!  My bear bear, my baby daddy, my Wadie boy.  I love him and am so thankful he is mine!

Love this!!

Heather's mantle decor that she just whipped up..  sigh.  I told you she was the perfect hostess!!  She is incredible!

Big girls, fixing their cups full of hot apple cider!

Pioneer Woman's recipe is killer!

The boys found a cool place to play! ;)

Sweet boys!

Pops brought the kids outside to play while we got lunch ready..

Going for a spin on the Pops ride! :))

This is one of my most favorite pictures from the day!! Sooo sweet!

I spyyyy a Judeyyyy bear!!

These two boys fought and fought over this little car the whole afternoon!  Haha, it was hilarious to watch!

The champion!!  (At least of this round! Ha!)

34 weeks pregnant and!

It's beginning to look a lot like THANKSGIVING!!!

Gathering together to pray before we ate... 
Side one:

And side two:

Pops leading our family in prayer..
I love this precious sight!

And then it was time to EAT!!  Everyone put in so much time and effort to bring the meal together, you could TASTE the love!  Every bite was heavenly!

My contribution was two Paula Deen pies... Maple Pumpkin and Cream Cheese Pecan Pies.  They didn't photograph well, but they were pretty tasty! :))

After everyone finished, we began assembling to-go plates..  And of course, Heather had the boxes labeled with "Thanksgiving Leftovers" so there would be no confusion as to what was inside! Who even thinks of details like that?!  Amazing!!

After lunch, Aunt Regina brought over her art supplies and face paint and helped the children create Indian necklaces and feather headbands!!  Cutest idea ever!!

Even Baby Cakes got in on the artsy action!

Three of our favorite Texas boys!!

Lukey really does love his Aunt Lissie. ;))

Beautiful Sadie up in a tree!

Chief Callie!!!

That turkey was getting to them...

..but there is no rest for the weary with this wild Indian running around!

Poppa Bear Indian with his two papooses!

To quote Pops from last year, "Every day we are together is Thanksgiving."  It's so true.  It's not often that we all four get to be together with all of our families, but it's the absolute best when we do.  This is the reason I've always wanted 4 kids.. because I know just how encouraging, how wonderful, and what a blessing siblings are.  They make life hilarious, sweet, and so precious! Jenny, Kurtie, and Hezzy - I LOVE YOU AND AM SO THANKFUL FOR YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cutie Gavin with his Daddy!

Wild Sioux Savannah

Reading B.J. Novak's, "The Book With No Pictures."  Y'all. This book is hilarious! The kids LOVED it!

Callie and Aunt Hil!

In order to work off some lunch, all the kids went outside where Jason taught them how to play golf!

Sadie was GREAT at it!!

Tickle time!!

One of the last things we did was have each of the kids draw another kid's name for Christmas!!  Here is Andrew NOT peeking!! :))

Our beautiful Mandy and Kurt getting on the road to head home!  Why do the days have to pass so quickly when we are together??

Kate got in her car to go with them! :))

We ended our Thanksgiving celebration by talking and snuggling and listening to Christmas music.. until the song, "We Need A Little Christmas" came on..  And suddenly, we all came to life!!  Growing up, this was our song.  Our family song where we stopped everything and began to dance in the kitchen!  Of course, we had to get up and continue the family tradition!!
 Heel, toe, heel, toe, slide, slide, slide!!
Heel, toe, heel, toe, slide, slide, slide!!

Clap once, clap twice, clap together, now spin!

Not moving as fast as I once did, hahaha!

"For we need a little Christmas noooooowww!!!"
28 years of dancing in the kitchen with my momma and I have loved every minute of it!

Our Poole Party
Thanksgiving 2014
I could go on and on about what a glorious day it was.. because it really was.  But there's only One Person who deserves all the praise, all the honor and glory, all the thanks for the blessings we enjoyed on Thanksgiving Day - Jesus.  We owe Him everything!! He paid our debt! Because of that, we can eat, we can snuggle, we can dance.. We can do ALL things with complete and total JOY!!!!!!  Living an abundant life because we have been made new and can claim His righteousness before God!  How incredible! How profound!  May the joy of the Lord be our strength and our lives reflect His goodness! Let my every breath be a breath of thanksgiving to You! 
 I love you, Jesus,
 and above all, 
I am most thankful for You.

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