Monday, February 2, 2015

A Jena Thanksgiving.. with a Squirrely Surprise!

On Thanksgiving Day, we drove over to Jena to spend the day celebrating with Wade's parents, grandparents, and cousins!  All the children loved getting to go play in the country..  especially the part where they got to ride around on the Rhino with Dad!

Beautiful girls!

It wasn't long before we were all ready to eat!! Here's our beautiful and traditional Jena Thanksgiving meal!

Ready to gobble til we wobbled!

Hahaa, typical after-Thanksgiving-dinner position!!
What a sweet looking little turkey leg!

The rest of the kids, however, immediately headed back outside to play..

That is, they played until Daddy went outside and invited them all to go SQUIRREL HUNTING!!!

Andrew was the only taker for this grand adventure!

Getting ready!

Absolutely. priceless.

And into the woods the big boys go!

The girls (and Grant) stayed behind and played with Dot, ran around outside, and watched old Westerns with Poppa... until we caught our first glimpse of the boys coming home!

They're back! They're back!

My heart was literally bursting at this!!  Andrew was so proud!!  He came up to the house, just swinging his little squirrel by its little tail!  Oh my goodness, one of the best mom moments ever!!  I even teared up! What a sweet little man Andrew is!

Our mighty hunter.

Oh, I just love him!

Abs was even brave enough to hold him!

Ha,  I love this!!  Minus the whole dead squirrel thing.

We have since decided that squirrel hunting will be a tradition as part of our Jena Thanksgiving Day celebration!  It was just too sweet and so precious for Andrew - Wade said Andrew was a little distracted walking through the woods (which is probably a HUGE understatement, ha!), but when he came up to the house with his prize, he was BEAMING!!!!!  And that picture was definitely worth 1,000 words! :))  What a wonderful Thanksgiving our Poole Party had and after eating two days worth of the most delicious foods... it was time to recuperate.  In Toledo Bend.  That post coming next! ;))

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  1. He is so cute with that little squirrel! Tell him next time come back holding a deer like that!! 😂


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