Wednesday, January 14, 2015

It's Pumpkin Time!

Here is a few (hundred) pictures of our carving adventures!  After the painting fiasco, the pumpkins were washed off and it was time to get to work with our knives, spoons, and bowls!  Daddy headed this adventure up for us... he is the Master Carver, after all. ;)

Learning from the best!

Scooping out the yuck!

....still scooping...


Savannah drew the face she wanted to carve onto her pumpkin..  We decided that it might be kinda tough to do, so we worked on the design a little bit, ha!

Daddy at work!

Brother's is done!!  Here they are, setting it out on the front steps for everyone to see!

Back to work on Savannah's pumpkin!

All done!!  Of course, I had to add eyelashes to our girl pumpkin... since that's my award-winning design!!  Definitely beat out Jenny, Meggie, and Candy with this beauty 5 years ago!!! Hahaha!

Baby Grant.. sampling his first pumpkin.  Doesn't look like he loved it, ha!

But then again, maybe he did!

I couldn't get enough of this angel face!!!

Finally, night arrived and it was time to light our pumpkins up!

It was an icky, sticky, gloopy afternoon filled with my most favorite people being together.  Does life get any better than this??

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