Monday, January 12, 2015

Overnight Trip to the Reindeer Camp!

One October afternoon, we decided to pack up and take about an hour long car ride to what we call "Paw's Reindeer Camp!"  It's humble, quaint, and hidden away.. making it a great overnight camping trip!  (Night.. as in one.  That's about all Momma could handle!  Ha!) 

Here is the beautiful daddy bear, ready to show his family how to survive in the woods!

Ready for a ride!

After only 3 minutes of riding, Wade stopped the Rhino and stared down the road... and then looked at me and said, "You mind if I go shoot that rabbit??" Hahaaa!  WHAT!?!  Sure enough, there was Thumper, just chewing on a blade of grass down the road....
This is about a minute later:

Daddy got supper!!!

The kids' reactions were hilarious! Savan was stand-offish.. like Mom!  Grant was curious/petrified/thrilled and Andrew was ALL ABOUT IT!  He was soooo interested in it!  Made his Daddy so proud! :))

This face!!!!!  Hahahahahaha!!!

I told you Andrew was all about it!!!  And Grant was upset with us here because we wouldn't let him pet the rabbit!  His face cracks me up every time!!!

Who even cares about the rabbit???  Look at that beautiful boy!!!!

Just training them up in the way they should go... ;)

We saved the rabbit for dinner another day (Squirrel and rabbit jambalaya!  Only Wade could take wild animals and turn them into an incredibly, delicious dinner! And I'm not just saying that.  Wade. is. the. best.) and we got back to start our fire for burgers and roasted marshmallows!


Two babies helping Dad!

She loves fire-roasted sausages!

GRANT'S FACE!!!!!!!!!!!!  Hahaha!!!
Love these bear bears!!!!!!!!!!!

Marshmallow time!!!

The most beautiful sight on a cold night in the woods with your family!

Last shot before bed... looks like it was a super day!!!

Breakfast tradition at Paw's Reindeer Camp - powdered doughnuts!

I love that sweet Daddy boy.. 
and Grant's funny smile..
and Andrew's powdered mouth!
My Poole boys!!

Seriously??  So beautiful!!

Grant was feeling large and in charge!

One last ride before heading home!

While we didn't see any more rabbits (or reindeer, for that matter), we did find a lovely, large patch of wild flowers!  So of course, I made everyone get out and take a picture with them!

God's creativity, the vivid colors and intricate details, each tiny petal made so expertly..
He is truly a perfect Creator.

We went back to the camp, packed up, and headed home with sweet memories, a bag of peanuts, lots of Starbursts, and a rabbit in tow. I'm so thankful for a sweet husband who takes the time to bring his family on camping adventures... and I'm also thankful for a nice, clean, warm home that he provides for us to come back to. ;))

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