Saturday, January 24, 2015

Sister Sleepovers in Anacoco

A few weekends before Thanksgiving, Aunt Hezzy, Uncle Jase, and Baby Kate invited us all over for a sleepover party in Anacoco!! Even mommies were invited!  So we packed up and drove on over! Grant especially enjoyed the ride! ;))

Savannah and sweet Cherry Jam!

Heather is seriously the cutest, most creative host! Here are her adorable, kid-friendly 'pumpkins!'

What's up, ladies.

Ready to get the party started!

One of my favorite pics from the whole weekend!  Peace out, y'all!

I told you she was the cutest hostest! 

Shoveling in all the potato chips before anyone could stop him, ha!!

Here is Aunt Regina, teaching the children how to roast a perfect hot dog!

What a beautiful dinner, Hezzy!

We need s'more Anacoco sleepovers! ;))

What a man!

The rest of the Sharbonos got there later that night and after getting the kids to bed, we talked late into the night. Sleepovers with my sisters don't happen often, but when they do, it's SO wonderful.  We had such a good time, drinking all of Heather's coffee and discussing life.. from Pioneer Woman's inaccurate measuring techniques to how the Lord is leading in our lives and churches.  Refreshing, rejuvenating, and so sweet..  what a precious night!

The next morning, we enjoyed Hezzy's delectable quiches and then got ready for a walk in the woods!

And y'all thought Sadie and Rylie were the twins! 

Ready for a hike!

Sweet brothers!

The trail seemed a lot longer to Hezzy when she had to pull a 100+ pound wagon! 

But we made it!!

And then everyone attacked Hezzy..

Haha, I love all their faces!

Love and am SO thankful for my sistersssss!!!

We ended our precious sleepover weekend by making microwaved s'mores.  Our first ones ever.  And they are hands-down sooooo much better than a campfire s'more!!  I know that's probably horrible to say, but they really, really are. Oh man, our lives were changed!!  
And I think Andrew enjoyed them even more than we did!!!  Hahaa!!  Love my family, love this life!

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  1. 1. Heather and mrs Polly are the same.

    2. Hate on Ree one more time and see what happens!!!


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