Monday, January 12, 2015

The Pumpkin Painting...Fiasco.

After seeing the cute painted pumpkins on Pinterest, I assumed that it would be so easy for the kids to do that instead of carving them!  Ummm.. yeah, not so much.  While the kids had an absolute BLAST, it was an absolute MESS!!  Ha!!  Pinterest FAIL!

Of course, Brother wanted his pumpkin to be blue!

And Grant wanted his hair to be purple, ha!!

Hahaha, my little purple monster!!

Beautiful Vannie with her pretty, girly pumpkin!

The paint ended up washing off in the rain the next day, whoops! So we did eventually carve them out... and THAT was fun!!  Those pictures will be up another day! :)
The next morning, I was feeling spunky and made the children pancakes... and let them make faces on them with fruit!!!  :)))  They did such a good job!

Banana eyes, grape nose and cheeks, orange mouth!  So cute, Vannie!!

And apparently she thought Brother needed help with his face... ha!  She is a little momma for sure!

I can't remember the theme now since I'm 12 months behind on this blog, ha!  But here are a few pictures of Vannie doing her math work!

Showing her addition problems with blocks!

Can't you just see her in this exact position again in 15 years in college?!  So sweet!

Love my precious baby girl and love watching her learn!!!
Homeschooling has its challenges, for sure! It's been hard at times, especially with baby brothers vying for Mom's attention!  But I haven't had a single day where I wondered if this was the right decision for us!  I enjoy it SO much and Savannah is just blossoming!  It's amazing to get to be a daily part of watching her grow and develop and the adventures we experience together have been memories I'll never forget! Sometimes, I even miss it on the days we don't "do" school... and the best part is when Savannah asks to get out her reading book to practice on her off days!  My teacher's heart is so happy. :))

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  1. LIssie! I want you to come to Grammie's house to do school! What fun!!! Can hardly wait. Love you, MOM


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