Friday, January 23, 2015

U is for US!

We spent one whole week learning all about our five senses.  We tasted, smelled, felt, listened, and saw all types of things around the house and recognized just how amazing our bodies are!  Each day, we took a different sense and explored the things around us with it!  
Day 1 was touch:

These were the only two pictures I got from day one :/ but with her eyes closed, Savannah pulled mystery items out of a bag and had to identify what it was, solely based on touch!  We put an oven mitt on her hand and she had to do it again..and obviously, it was MUCH harder!  Thank you, Jesus, for our sense of touch!

Day 2 was hearing - I  crumbled paper, lit a match, dropped a spoon, closed a book, jingled money, etc... and Savannah had to tell me exactly what was making each sound!  SO fun!  And then we listened to corn pop... and used our sense of taste to enjoy that. ;))

Day 3 was for our sense of smell!!  Here are a few pictures of Van sniffing around the house..

She guessed it right! Cinnamon!

Black pepper!

Ha!  Apple cider vinegar STINKS!

On day 4, we used our sense of sight.  I laid out some of our Halloween candy and had Savannah describe each one.  She then closed her eyes and I removed one... and she had to identify which one I had taken away!  This was harder than it looked!

And I used my sense of sight to snap a few pictures of my littles! :))

Day 5 was my favorite - exploring our sense of taste!  I didn't blindfold Van for this.. but I did make her try each thing!  We quickly learned that baking cocoa does NOT taste anything like chocolate, hahah!

Ready to take on the tasting challenge!

Sugar & salt!

Sampling our first mystery juice...


Brother's turn!

Hey!  I know that!  It's orange juice!

Since our first cup was so delicious, the kids took a big gulp of our second juice...
LEMON juice!

Hahaa, blyuckkkk!

Brother's turn!


Tasting the baking cocoa...

Brother's reactions were the besttttt!!  Hahhaa!

Savannah learned from Brother and took a teensy, tiny lick...

She enjoyed the pickles a LOT better!

Our theme over and over this week was, "God made us wonderful!"  And after this week, a new appreciation has been formed for our senses that we daily take for granted!  Thank you, God, for making us WONDERFUL!!

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