Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Samuel Wade Poole

On Christmas Day, Samuel Wade Poole arrived!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here's a quick rundown of his birth story:
I woke up Christmas morning feeling SICK. Cramping, headache, burning hot while having chills, etc.  I put on my make-up and straightened my hair (duh! ha!) all while the pain all over my body got worse until I finally told Wade that I wanted to go to the hospital just to find out what was happening! We arrived at 10:30 am and I got the flu swab, had an ultrasound, and wore the oxygen mask while they tried to figure out what was going on.  They finally decided that I had some sort of virus and was dehydrated and pumped me full of liquids.  One of the nurses there went to college with Wade and me and we were so thankful for have her there!  She explained that I was probably not in active labor, but in the beginning stages of it.  My doctor gave us the option of going home and waiting (which would mean the baby would probably come faster during delivery) or staying at the hospital and being induced (but possibly making for a longer delivery.)  We prayed about it and felt like we should stay.. I didn't think I could even walk to the car, I was in so much pain from my pounding headache, stomach cramps and now, contractions.  We began the inducing process around 2 pm... and after 4 hours of waiting, Baby Poole arrived at exactly 6:14 Christmas night!

This is a picture of the moment when God sent me the name of our new little boy..  We spent all 38 and a half weeks going back and forth between different boy names and absolutely nothing felt right.  Adam Wade was forefront in our minds, but Wade wasn't even absolutely sold on that!  We prayed that when we saw him, we would know.  At this exact moment, when the nurses laid the baby on my chest, I saw and heard the name, "Samuel."  Three times to be exact.  He just looked like a Samuel and I know the Lord had sent the perfect name to us!  Ironically, Samuel means "name of God, asked of God, heard by God."

19 inches, 7 lbs 2 ounces of pure sweetness.

So thankful, so blessed, so in love.

Being held by his Nana for the first time!

And then it was time for his siblings to meet him!
Here is Savannah, seeing her new brother that had finally arrived after months of waiting!!

I couldn't pick just one or two of these to post... they were all so precious to me!

She was so worried about me in that big, white bed with all the wires and bags and machines everywhere..  Savannah walked right up to my bed and just held my hand. Ahhh, what a gem she is.

Wild Andrew ready to play with his new toy brother!

Meeting his Paw..

...and his Grammie and Pops!

Grant's turn to see what all the commotion was about!

All of my little Poole boys!  Later that night, when it was just Wade and I in the hospital room, I asked Wade, "What about the name Samuel??"  He was holding the baby at the time and he looked at me, his face lit up, and he said so confidently, "That's it.  He is Samuel."  It was official.  He was our new baby boy named Samuel Wade.

"Hey, Nan.... whatcha got over there??"

Savannah holding Samuel for the first time!

Savannah and Andrew were immediately in love with Samuel...

Grant, however, wanted to send him back! HAHAHAHA!  This picture is hysterical to me! Pooooor Babyyyyy Granttttt!!!

I loved looking through our hospital pictures as each new member of the family was born..
Here we are in 2009 with Savannah Grace:

2011 with Andrew Paul:

2013 with Grant Austin:

And now 2014 with Samuel Wade:

My sweet sisters came to meet our new baby, too!

This picture makes me laugh.. I forced Wade to get in the bed so we could take a picture.  I think he felt ridiculous..

...but it made for a nice picture! :))
Wade was born 10 days before his due date..
and now, so had our little boy!

Our biggest baby in the baby bed!

That night, we had a few visitors, like our awesome Amber!

And our precious Al & Heath, ready to meet their new baby in just 5 more months!

Right before bed, I looked around the room and about died when I saw this!  I was burning up, but apparently, everyone else was...cold???
We received the biggest blessing on Christmas Day and we will spend the rest of our lives loving, cherishing, and enjoying Samuel, our priceless Christmas gift.

To be continued...

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Merry Christmas from the Pooles!!

Finally, it was CHRISTMAS EVE!

After baths, we got in our new Christmas jammies and opened one present, as we do every year!

Instead of a Christmas movie, I wanted something that the kids could play with together...

.. so they each got a new board game!!

Here's the final product of our 2014 Christmas tree.. and to this 9-month pregnant momma, it could not have been easier or looked better! ;))

Wade began a new tradition last year that we hope to continue all during the kids' childhood.. a Christmas Eve trip to the Bethlehem stable!  Here, all the animals... and Leonardo, ha!.. gathered around the new baby Jesus! We had the kids go to the back while we set this up and then called them out with their eyes closed...

Andrew's face was so sweet when his eyes popped open!

Here is a special moment when Daddy gathered the babies up on his knee and read them the Christmas story - Luke 2:1-20.

Narrarator turned donkey, here are the kids getting ready for their ride to Bethlehem! 

Hahaha, oh Wade!!!  You are the best donkey AND daddy there ever was!

Our three little wise men with their gifts for baby Jesus.. gold, frankincense and myrrh.. and jingle bells!

Giving their gifts to the new baby king!

Loving on baby Jesus!

Grant was captivated by all of it... clearly. ;))

I'm the worst and want to give the kids all their presents on Christmas Eve.. so we let them open just a few more before bed.

Wadie... and his HOMEMADE BACON!  Now that's not something you say everyday!  It took about 3 weeks to make and we finally got to enjoy the final product right before bed on Christmas Eve!  I am so proud of Wadie and his culinary talents!

On Christmas morning, the kids woke up and finished opening the rest of their gifts!

These were my last pictures on Christmas Day until about 6:14 that night...when our new baby arrived!!!!!!!!  That post will be next, but I wanted to end this Christmas post with a few more pictures when we were just a Poole Party of 5...
Best little brothers!

Of course, we will have to wait til the kids are older to get a picture with everyone smiling with their eyes open, ha!!  But until then...

Merry Christmas from the Pooles.

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