Thursday, February 12, 2015

Christmas with the Girls!

On December 16, Sadie and Rylie performed in their school's Christmas Play!  We all headed over to the packed cafeteria to watch our little girls sing and say their lines!  They were perfect! 

Who can spy Sadie, the sweet little Christmas tree looking at me??

I believe Sadie's line was, "You could never be a good Christmas tree!"  We will work on that Christmas cheer next year. ;))

Our beautiful angel, Rylie!

"A is for angel who looks just like this!"

So sweet!

Here is our little community from church that showed up to love on our favorite twins!

Sadie and Rylie's biggest fans!

Pretty gross that Grant was laid out like this on the cafeteria floor..  But I thought he was just so dang cute, I had to take his picture before I picked him up.. and germ-x'd him all over!

A few days later, we brought out our popcorn popper, called up our Sharbono cousins, and got ready to continue an old Brinker tradition.. stringing up cranberries and popcorn to decorate the tree!

The kids loved watching the popcorn pop!

And so maybe we needed to taste a few too.. ;))

Callie, Savannah, Ryile, Andrew, Sadie, and Grant.. all ready to work!

Cutie Aunt Hezzy was so good.. she got everyone's thread and needles organized so everyone could do their own strand!

Well, Andrew, now I know where all the cranberries went...

These are my homemade gingerbread riddles for the kids to play on Christmas Day!  It was for Sadie, specifically, since we pulled her name for Christmas this year, but a game that all the children could join in sounded like a blast! The gingerbread boy was running as fast as he could.. would they be able to catch AND EAT him?! :)) Heather and I spent an afternoon thinking up riddles and after a few really bad ones ("Don't make a peep! I'm hiding where you sleep!" and "Don't lose your head but I'm hiding in your bed!"), we finally put together our favorites!
Run, run as fast as you can! I am waiting in your NIGHTSTAND!
I am as sly as a fox - I've escaped to your MAILBOX!
As quiet as a mouse, I am playing in your PLAYHOUSE!
Run! As quick as can be! I am hanging on your TREE!
Uh-oh! You've missed me again! Look for me now in your BROTHER'S PLAYPEN!
I am running out of places to hide! Run to the OVEN AND LOOK INSIDE!

This made me so excited and I really could NOT wait for Christmas Day!  
As it turned out, all of our Christmas plans were turned upside down on Christmas morning...  

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  1. OMG I have never strung popcorn and cranberries!! Can we come next year?!?! This is too cute!


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