Sunday, February 15, 2015

Christmas with Nana & Paw!

On December 19, our Nana and Paw drove up to the spend the weekend with us.. bringing lots of treats and goodies for everyone!  Here are a few pictures of the kids celebrating Christmas a few days early!

Grant and his new wheels!

Passing out the presents!

Grant loves Kate's car and was so happy to now have one of his own!

This was a total Ninja Turtle and Frozen year for Savan and Andrew.. They were ecstatic about each Ninja/Elsa thing they pulled out, especially their new blankets!

The blankets kept them distracted long enough to get their new bikes and helmets inside!!!!!!  Here is Savannah seeing her new Frozen bike sitting in the kitchen!!!!!!

Checking out his new Ninja Turtle bike!

It was raining outside... so we rode around inside, ha!

Ahhhhh, love this little 3 year old!!!!!

Princesse Elsa, is that you?!

 They both were so cute just riding around...  Thank youuuu, Nan and Paw!

Grant loved his little car, too... From top to bottom!

"One of the most glorious messes in the world is the mess created in the living room on Christmas Day." -Andy Rooney
I saw that quote this year and loved it!  I may fuss about all the mess the other 364 days of the year.. but on Christmas.. it's the best. :))

Our little mermaid woman!

We love our Nana and Paw so much and are so thankful for them!  They are so generous and always bend over backwards to do anything they can to help, support, and love on us!  They drove up this specific weekend to not only celebrate Christmas and give out gifts, but to also watch the kids 
perform in our church's Christmas play, as well as babysit while Wade catered for the Louisiana State Trooper Christmas Dinner!  It was a total success, but could not have happened without them! We were so grateful!  Pictures from the play and the dinner.. coming up next!

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  1. Grandparents are the best!! Love that they rode around inside!


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