Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Merry Christmas from the Pooles!!

Finally, it was CHRISTMAS EVE!

After baths, we got in our new Christmas jammies and opened one present, as we do every year!

Instead of a Christmas movie, I wanted something that the kids could play with together...

.. so they each got a new board game!!

Here's the final product of our 2014 Christmas tree.. and to this 9-month pregnant momma, it could not have been easier or looked better! ;))

Wade began a new tradition last year that we hope to continue all during the kids' childhood.. a Christmas Eve trip to the Bethlehem stable!  Here, all the animals... and Leonardo, ha!.. gathered around the new baby Jesus! We had the kids go to the back while we set this up and then called them out with their eyes closed...

Andrew's face was so sweet when his eyes popped open!

Here is a special moment when Daddy gathered the babies up on his knee and read them the Christmas story - Luke 2:1-20.

Narrarator turned donkey, here are the kids getting ready for their ride to Bethlehem! 

Hahaha, oh Wade!!!  You are the best donkey AND daddy there ever was!

Our three little wise men with their gifts for baby Jesus.. gold, frankincense and myrrh.. and jingle bells!

Giving their gifts to the new baby king!

Loving on baby Jesus!

Grant was captivated by all of it... clearly. ;))

I'm the worst and want to give the kids all their presents on Christmas Eve.. so we let them open just a few more before bed.

Wadie... and his HOMEMADE BACON!  Now that's not something you say everyday!  It took about 3 weeks to make and we finally got to enjoy the final product right before bed on Christmas Eve!  I am so proud of Wadie and his culinary talents!

On Christmas morning, the kids woke up and finished opening the rest of their gifts!

These were my last pictures on Christmas Day until about 6:14 that night...when our new baby arrived!!!!!!!!  That post will be next, but I wanted to end this Christmas post with a few more pictures when we were just a Poole Party of 5...
Best little brothers!

Of course, we will have to wait til the kids are older to get a picture with everyone smiling with their eyes open, ha!!  But until then...

Merry Christmas from the Pooles.

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  1. I love the stable it's so cute!!! Hurry up to the next post!!!!!


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