Sunday, February 8, 2015

Natchitoches Traditions!

One of the best things I got from college.. maybe THE best thing I got from college!.. is a group of girlfriends that are truly kindred spirits!  Not the kind of friends that you make at church camp and promise to write for the next 80 years... and promptly forget about 6 months later.  No, this group of girls are the ones I lived with for 4 years.. going on dinner dates to Hattie Bs, having our weekly scheduled tv shows, and leaving literally NO topic undiscussed.  We know each others quirks, histories, and future plans...  And we WILL be celebrating Megan's 40th birthday in New York City together! 
Pinky. Promised. :))

  We started a tradition a few years ago to meet up in Natchitoches every December to celebrate the Christmas Lights Festival! This year, Heather and Jason joined us!!  Here we are watching the fireworks!

Of course, we were running late (also our tradition, ha!) and missed dinner... so we scarfed down some muffins and chips from a coffee shop, the only place that didn't have a 2 hour wait!

Our Poole Party.. 36 weeks pregnant and ready for Baby to come (in exactly 19 days!)

This year was made extra special by one INCREDIBLE announcement:
We all lined up to take a picture together and instead of saying, "Say cheese!," Jon declared, 
"Say SHANNON'S PREGNANT!!!!!!!!!" Here are our reactions!!!

Let the squealing begin!!!!!!!!!!!!

Everybody was SHOCKED and soooooo excited!!!!!!!!

Group hug for our precious Shanny baby... and HER new baby!!!

Shan and Jon were thrilled to have pulled off a perfect baby announcement! :))

Baby Grant didn't understand what the fuss was about, but appears to be thankful that Mommy had finally quit screaming.. at least for a second! ;))

Priceless friendships.. 11 years in the making! 

So excited about our new Reynolds baby coming in July 2015!

Savannah loves her Shanny Baby and Jon Jon and was just as excited as we were!

Hands on all the pregnant bellies!  Thank you, Jesus, for these precious new lives!!

Thankfully, Heather was a wonderful photographer and captured all these wonderful memories!

What a sweet evening we had together, talking baby and new mom things, despite the humongous crowds, crazy traffic, overpriced tickets, and 2 hour wait we had for a super late REAL dinner.  Everyone says we have to get a new tradition and with the SEVEN babies that will be with us by this time next year, they may be right! ;))
What a wonderful season of life, what a great group for besties,
and what a year 2015 is turning out to be!!  

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  1. 1) thank you for giving me that good announcement idea!
    2) I say next year we meet at that funny park in natty where we met that kid Dallas and have a pic nic! Orrrrrr lets just not look at the lights on opening night hahaha!!!!
    3) thank you for finally blogging about me ;)
    4) I love how well all of the excitement is captured in the pictures!
    5) love you!


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