Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Our Children's Tree!

Before we took a break for Christmas, we completed our study on GOATS! (Random, I know. Ha!)

We made Paula Deen's Green Jasper slushy.. because g can be for green, too. ;))

And then we compared cheeses..

Yummy cow cheese!

Disgusting goat cheese!

Grant also wanted to be in on the tasting game. Haha, he must have learned this from his Grammie!

This year, the only decorating Mommy and Daddy did on the tree was putting the lights on.  After that, it was all left up to Savannah and Andrew.. and they were THRILLED!

The babies loved getting to watch the big kids work! 

But then Andrew tried to sneak Grant's book away and Grant had to handle business. :))

Silly boy!  He just wanted to read to us about Jesus' birth!

Finally... Christmas was almost here!

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