Friday, February 6, 2015

We're Getting Jolly Around Here, Y'all!

Immediately after Thanksgiving, it was most definitely time to break out our Christmas things!!  Because I knew Baby #4 was due so close to Christmas (January 4!), we decided not to bring down all of our usual tree and house decorations.. only the essentials.  And after seeing King Andrew in this Christmas tree skirt, it most certainly was considered an essential! :))

Every year, it has been our tradition to head over to Lowe's and pick out our Christmas tree together as a family.  This year, however, was going to be something special!  This year, the kids were going to pick out their very own Christmas tree!!  With just a teeny, tiny bit of help from Mom (ha!), we had our winner picked out!

Picking out our tree in:



(Okay, so I just found this one and loved it..  Why do we look like such babies?!  This was only 4 years ago and we look 14!  Am I right???)


And 2014:

And then.. we all kinda fell apart.  It was cold and rainy and everyone was starving and tired.. and Grant is the only one who adequately portrayed how we were all feeling here, ha!
We brought our new tree home and since it was so small, Wade was able to put it up by himself that night!  He carried it in and instantly, the house filled with that wonderful fresh Christmas smell... which we enjoyed as we watched pretty much ALL of the tree's needles fall off!!  Hahaa, this tree was a disaster!  Maybe Mom should seriously just let the kids pick next year!

We continued on with school and learned that I is for Insects!  We read lots of books about them and I knew we just had to make Ants on a Log!

And the kids pretty much hated it, hahaha!  It's definitely not as good as I remember!

Sweet Savannah reading her to her daddy!

One late December Wednesday night, Shannon shared some most amazing news... SHE IS PREGNANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Here are 4 of our 6 pregnant lifegroup ladies! What a special season of life and it's made even sweeter by getting to go through it TOGETHER!
I'm due in January, Casey in March, Kelli and Elli in April, Shan in July, and Amber in August.  Whew! It's going to be a busy 2015! :)))

Since the kids had their own tree this year, they were also going to decorate it!  I found this neat recipe that calls for a couple of bottles of cinnamon and apple sauce... voila!  Homemade cinnamon Christmas ornaments!

Cutting out their Christmas shapes...

Into the oven they go!
(And yes, that's a Halloween cat in the middle!  The kids couldn't put the dumb cat down.. they take after their Aunt Hezzy.)

My little gingerbread boy!

My precious little girl!

Andddd the ornaments... well, they broke into a million pieces!  They were rock hard and when we tried to get them off the tray, they all cracked into a million pieces.  Yikes!!  So we decided to scrap them all and start over.  This time, we would go for the foolproof decorations - stringing cranberries and popcorn!  Those pictures coming soon!

But since we already had the oven heated up, we might as well bake something... right??
(And this picture should be a warning to you all.. don't ever eat anything the kids helped to bake!!  Hahaha!!)

So instead of cinnamon ornaments for the tree, we ended up with delicious biscuits for our tummies.

I'm going to call that a WIN. 


  1. 1) my whole visit and all I get is a paragraph?!!! That's what my hard earned money to buy a plane ticket means to you??? Shame! ;)
    Jk jk!!

    2) sad about the ornaments!!! Alicé made some last year and they were still on her tree this year! Maybe her recipe would work better for you guys!!

  2. Love love the pictures, Lissie. Your family is so precious. Love, Mom


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