Monday, March 23, 2015

Alan Turns 30!

On the last day of February, some of our dearest friends got together at Jen's house to celebrate our favorite Alan's 30th birthday! It's always a good time when we are together and we had all looked forward to this little surprise party for our Alaina!

Here is Lauren and little baby Tucker!!

The girls with their sign for Alan!  On the back, we had all listed reasons for why we loved Alan - including his big smile, generous heart, and amazing baseball skills that got him into semi-professional baseball against A-Rod.  Alan, that one's for you! ;)


Alan's sweet wife, Casey, put all of this together and it was absolutely perfect!!

Yayyyyy, happy birthday, Alainaaaaa!!

Here is Landry, ready to party... and only weeks from meeting her little sister!

The card was such a good idea, Jenny!!

Meanwhile, Wadie was outside frying up loads of fish and french fries...

Seriously, how delicious does that look!

I'm not sure what Landry was upset about, but it looked like Minnie Mouse was having a meltdown...  It looked so funny!!  Hahaha, I'm so sorry, Landry!

Drew, the pirate boy!

Giddy-up, little cowboys!

And cowgirl!!

What sweet little friends!

And then Eric brought out this horrible, horrible game.  Four people hold a handle...

...listen to the crazy music...

...and whoever is last to press their button in when the timer goes off gets SHOCKED!

Hahaha, I don't know if it got Alan or Jen, but both of them were hilarious!!

I was stupid and decided to play...

And of course, lost and GOT SHOCKED! Hahaa!

Jenny's turn!  Ouch!!

Somehow, Samuel slept through all the screaming.  He is learning early how to deal with all the noise we like to make. :))

Munching away..

And soon, it was time for cake! 

Loaded down with all 30 candles.. goodness!

Blowing out his bonfire, ha!

Buckeyes - the one dessert Alan specifically requested!  And gosh, they were so good.
We love you, Alan!!  Happy Birthdayyyy!!  So thankful for my Knotts family - all FOUR of you!! 


  1. I love love love this post!!! Minnie was about to throw up right after this was taken! Lis thank you for documenting our lives!

  2. Aww, so many faces we miss! I am so excited to see you guys so soon! Did Casey tell you we're planning to be there over Easter weekend? If you guys are around then I am expecting at least a taste of Wade's famous cooking! ;)

    Also, that game DOES sound terrible! Sorry you got shocked!

  3. 1. Baby liked this post bc he was kicking as I read it
    2. You need to let wadie enjoy more parties instead of cooking all the time
    3. Why wasn't I invited?
    4. Happy birthday Alaina!!
    5. I love Eric's beard!
    6. Miss you all everyday!


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