Thursday, March 5, 2015

Andrew's Fourth Birthday!

On January 16, the night before Andrew turned 4 years old, Aunt Heather and Baby Kate came into town to help me get ready for a very small family celebration the next day.  She also brought a few funny faces with her..
 and Mommy and Daddy just had to play with them! :))

Hahaha, funny little men!

4 going on 40!

The next morning, this beautiful boy woke up to a NINJA TURTLE CAKE - his favorite!

Nana buys their birthday cakes every year and she never fails..  they are ALWAYS perfect!!

Probably my most favorite picture from the day - it's rare that we get a good picture of the kids with their eyes open WITH a smile and even rarer that I get to join in the picture!  So this one is getting framed.  Well, at least in my heart. :))

Jen's homemade rolls.  Sigh.  ONE DAY, I WILL MAKE BREAD THAT LOOKS LIKE THIS!

Our little cousins came over to bounce, bounce, bounce with us!

Hahaa, silly girls!

Our niece, Abigail, got to come meet Baby Samuel, too!

Who is the best last-minute-ninja-turtle-decorator-girl ever?? Heather!!  Thank you sooo much, Hez!  You made his birthday so... pretty!

Everyone had to try these glasses on, too... they were hysterical!
Here is Paw!


And Hezzy!!  How funny!

AMAZING birthday cake! When is it time to eat?!

Andrew Paul - you are my firstborn son and I am so proud of the sweet little man that you are!!  You are so rough, so tough, and so loud... you have certainly taught me what little boys are all about!  And I love it.  You're enthusiasm for life, your tender heart, your bubbly laugh... there is no one like you in all the world!!  I could snuggle you every day of your life and it still not be long enough!  

Happy Birthday, my little man!

The little fellas enjoying their cake:

Our gorgeous Emory Grace got to join the party, too!!

So thankful these two live so close and can celebrate ALL of Brother's birthdays from now on!

Here is the link for Andrew's actual day of birth 4 years ago for anyone who wants to go back and read it..  I love remembering that day! Andrew Paul Poole is Here!!  And here he is with his new Nerf guns from Aunt Meggie and Uncle Justin - "I sent Justin to the store for Andrew's present...  don't be mad." Hahahaha, that text still makes me laugh, Meg!!!

Love that Meg got to come rock my Baby Samuel!!

Emory is going to be a big sister in just a few months, too... and I can't wait!!!

So thankful for my Meggie!  I really need to start planning parties more than just the day before so all of my besties can make it (Plane flights are pocket change, right, Shan??) ha!  But I'm so glad that Megan was able to come!!

You know it's been a good day when you look like this by the end of it:

And lastly, I had to get in a quick pic of Baby Samuel .. almost 1 month old!

We named Brother "Andrew Paul" because it meant "humble warrior," and we couldn't think of anything we wanted more for our son than for him to be a soldier for the kingdom of Christ!  We pray that he lives up to his name - a ferocious leader, a strong man, a wise warrior who leads his family and others to the cross of Jesus.  Happy Birthday, my sweet Andrew!  Because you are mine, my heart will always be full of love.
Because you are mine.

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  1. This is so cute!!!!! I want to be there!! And since they are pocket change why haven't you bought me a ticket?!!!


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