Sunday, March 15, 2015

Baby Shower for Briley!

On February 21st, our sweet friend, Casey, had a baby shower for her newest soon-to-be-here addition, Briley Claire!!  Briley is due in March and we are so excited to snuggle her!  We loved getting to celebrate her this Saturday morning!!

Here are 5 of our pregnant church ladies!  Each one of them has "the glow!"  I absolutely love it and look so forward to meeting all of their babies.. and watching three of them become moms for the first time! What a sweet season of life!

Our showers always have the best games... Here are some of the ladies playing "Pregnant Twister!!"

Jenny won!!  And she looks SO cute with that big ol' belly!

Pretty pink ladies!

Al loved on Baby Samuel during the shower... and I can't wait to do that with Baby Hensgens, due in May!

Time to open gifts!

Stunning baby wreath... I was in love!

Thank goodness Rylie was there!  She was such a big helper!

Big sister, Landry, even got a few prizes, too!

Prettiest. dress. ever.

Sarah MADE this blanket - how amazing is that?!

Sweet Mollie and Samuel!

Casey and Landry, her baby girl for only a few more weeks!

Too sweet for words!

 I loved getting to celebrate this day with you, Case!!
I am so happy that Briley Claire is joining our party, our walks, our lives. She is a blessed baby to have you and Alan as parents, Casey!  She is covered in prayers and her heart is claimed for the Lord!  May she grow up to be a wonderful Godly woman, letting her light so shine before men that they will see her good works and glorify our Father in heaven!  I love you... and am right down the street if you need me. :))



  2. Ahh! This makes me so happy! I can't believe Briley will be here THIS WEEK! And I'll be down there visiting all of you in just a couple of weeks! So excited!


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