Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Cupcakes with Nana!

During February, we had some of our most favorite visitors!  
First, there was Aunt Hezzy who got to come in and love on Baby Samuel!

Since we were at the hospital and Jen's family was sick with the flu AND strep on Christmas Day, our Brinker family had not gotten to exchange Christmas gifts with each other yet!!  Kate had picked Andrew's name for Christmas, so Heather came bearing gifts for one lucky little boy!

A new ninja-turtle tent!!

Thank you, my Aunt Hezzy!!

Of course, we had to immediately open it and set it up!

Everyone loved crowding inside!

Andrew's sweet face here says it all!

We love it, Aunt Hezzy and Uncle Jase!!!  A tent was a perfect idea for this little ninja man!

And then our next guest arrived to spend the weekend - NANA!!  And she came bearing gifts, too, including cupcake-making supplies!!  After their baths, the kids gathered in the kitchen to bake cupcakes with their Nan!  We also had a little Annie soundtrack playing and Savan was VERY into it. ;)

Getting to work!

Showing off their new prizes from Disney World!

Hahaha, I told y'all Savannah was really into her singing!!  She takes it SO seriously!  And Andrew - HAA!

These two funny boys relaxed on the couch together while we baked!


Filling up the liners..

"Ohhhh, what y'all making over there?! It's looking goooood!"

Love this picture of Samuel with his Nana!

Grant heard the timer go off and was ready to help frost the cupcakes... by eating all the frosting. 

Pretty girl with her pretty cupcake!

Decorating them just perfectly...

"Heyyyyy... that's MY frosting!"

I think they ate 3 cupcakes a piece.  At bedtime.  Oops.
The sweet memory of baking in the kitchen with their grandma was priceless!  What a wonderful weekend, full of love and sprinkled with surprises, snuggles, and cupcakes.


  1. So precious, Melissa ! Yummy. I would like a cupcake, please ?! :))))love mom

  2. This is so cute!!! And Samuel and his BROWN hair!!! I miss nana... And you guys too I guess ;)

  3. How fun kids party! I am glad that the kiddos had so much fun together. The cupcakes also look very yummy. I have also been thinking to celebrate my daughter’s 5th birthday at some domestic Los Angeles venues but can’t decide on the party theme. I wonder if you have any ideas!!


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