Sunday, March 8, 2015

Grammie and Pops Move to Pineville!

Grammie and Pops started 2015 off with a bang... literally! The builders banged their hammers, used their drills, and worked their saws on the new house all winter long so that finally, finally, FINALLY, Gramie and Pops could move to Pineville!!!  (I won't add how Pops also banged the moving truck into his real truck.... :))) Ahhh!! It was a crazy busy time, full of decisions and adjustments, trips back and forth, and sad goodbyes... but it was worth it in the end when there were lots of hugs and happy hellos!!!!!

Heather and Grant showed up to help on Move-In Day!

Heather worked so hard, helping Mom find a place for all of her things in the new house!

We even put the children to work!

On Grammie and Pops's first official night in the new house, we celebrated with dinner at Jen's house - Grant and Heather's favorite part!

While dinner cooked, the kids had a dance party on Grammie and Pops's backporch..

Heather played the one piano song she remembers..

And Sadie got to sit at the kitchen bar and do her homework at Grammie's house!! What a dream come true!

What hard little workers!

The wonderful chef, cutting up his pork loin!

All the little children ready to eat and celebrate - What a gift it is to live so close to your grandparents!

A few days later, we continued using our little workers to help unload the firewood!

And what handsome little workers they are!

Especially this one. ;))
Praise God, Grammie and Pops are official residents of Pineville!  They have been such a huge help to me already, invaluable in so many ways!! I'm so excited that my children will get to have such a sweet relationship with their grandparents, making memories, learning lessons, and celebrating life together!  What a privilege and absolute joy that is!

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  1. ahhh!!!! This is so exciting! I cant wait to see the new house!!!
    Sadie looks so grown with those little rings on her fingers!!


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