Sunday, March 1, 2015

Our Growing Family..

Here is Samuel... and his hard life around here lately! ;)

Love my Casey and Alan!

Sweet Vannie at life group one night...

...along with our other preggo/mommas!!!  All 5 of us from our lifegroup were pregnant together, as well as our Shanny Baby who now lives in Charleston!  This will make 5 new babies for us on Wednesday nights, including the 6 that were already there!  What can we say??  God is good and we love babies!

Baby Briley, Baby Jack, and Baby Parker... coming soon!

Sadly, after 3 weeks off, Wadie had to go back to work.  I was stressed about how my first day with 4 kids by myself was going to be, but I shouldn't have worried when I am married to man like Wadie.  This is what I woke up to..

Before work, my Wadie had poured each of us a bowl of cereal or oatmeal, according to our personal favorites..  They were labeled, spoons ready, and the sugar & butter were sitting out, handy for the oatmeal.  Did I mention he made us lunch as well, turkey sandwiches, so I would literally not have to cook a single thing all day??  Sigh.  They just don't come any better, or more thoughtful, than that!  Wade, I am SO thankful for you and appreciate your efforts so much.  You love us so well.

Lastly, Hezzy came to visit and sat down with Samuel to have a chat...

"Let's be besties, why don't we!"

New friends on the way, settling into a routine at home, and spending most of his days on a blanket in front of the fire.. what a sweet start to Samuel's very precious life!


  1. Sweet hubby! Tell Shan to back off your man...haha!! And seriously, so cute that y'all were/are all pregnant together!!


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