Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Our Little Toothless

On the morning that Savannah would lose her first tooth, we woke up..
and drank lots of chocolate milk.

Not sure what we did all day, but apparently drinking chocolate milk was the biggest event.  Haa!  Later that afternoon, I was visiting with Casey as Savannah snacked on apple slices... and as calm as could be, Savannah walked over, tooth in hand, and said, "Momma!  I lost my tooth!!!"

I knew that it would be soon, but I didn't know how soon... or exactly how to be nonchalant about a MOUTHFUL OF BLOOD when a tooth comes out!!!!

We walked over to the sink, put her tooth in a bag, and held wipes to her mouth until the bleeding stopped.. which didn't last long, but long enough to make me dread the coming years of tooth loosing. :/

That night, we got ready for bed and I explained all about the Tooth Fairy.  We treat her about the same as Santa Claus.  We don't lie to the kids, but we try to still make it fun.  She knew that Mommy was the Tooth Fairy.. coming in the night to buy her tooth and leave a surprise under her pillow. 

And by the way, this little man started feeling all of his teeth to see if there were any wiggly ones for the Tooth Fairy to bring him a surprise, too.  No such luck, but gosh, is he cute!

March 4, 2015 - what a big day in Vannie's life!

I can't believe the Tooth Fairy is really coming!!!

The next morning, we heard shouts from Savannah's room!

The Tooth Fairy didn't leave just one prize.. but THREE!

So growing up, we always got $5 per tooth.  I always felt so proud at school when people asked how much the Tooth Fairy brought to us and I got to say 5 bucks when everyone else was saying 5 cents.  How awful is that??  Haa!!  We didn't have millions, but on the mornings that the Tooth Fairy came, we certainly felt like it!  I want to continue that tradition with our kids... unfortunately, all I had in my wallet was 3 ones, a ten, and a twenty.  
$3 it is!!!!! 

Someone must have told Savannah about Mommy's money dilemma, though, because ironically, SHE LOST ANOTHER TOOTH THE NEXT DAY!!!

Goodbye, two bottom teethies!

When Savannah was born, we were so excited to see those little teeth coming in..  it's so strange to see them OUT and adult teeth growing in!  ADULT teeth! Oh my goodness, time slow down!!
I didn't get a picture of it... but just in case you were wondering, Savannah woke up to a $10 the next morning. OUCH! Haha! Love you, my sweet Vannie!!  You're my little WOMAN!  Congratulations on your new little teethies!!!!!!

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  1. Can I lose a tooth at your house?! 13 bucks in two days! She racked up!!!!


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