Tuesday, March 10, 2015

P is for Penguin!

Three or four weeks after Samuel's birth, we started back up with our homeschooling.  I got the sweetest call from a veteran homeschool mom who told me not to stress.  I didn't have to feel pressure to jump right back into our normal routine, that it was okay to take however much time I needed for myself and the baby.  
School could wait.  
I appreciated that call so much, because it reminded me of why I homeschool in the first place.  Not to have the smartest kids, not to get ahead of public school, not to hurry along to the next grade.  I homeschool to invest in my own children, to teach them how and what they should know, and to build our relationships with each other and with Christ.  There's no need for a strict schedule, only a heart for what's best for my kids.  No need to do hours of worksheets when sitting on the rug together in front of the fire reading books about penguins will do just fine. 

Hahaa, silly boys!

After learning about the Emporer penguins, we had a little activity to do.  Here are my penguins trying to stay on their block of ice before the leopard seals jumped up and got them!

Wearing their slippers to stay warm on the "ice."

Beautiful little penguin!

We then made up a penguins vs. seals game.  The babies were the penguins and I was the seal. Lucky me. :))  The only safe place was on the ice under the dining room table!  Everyone, especially Baby Grant, loved when I just almost caught them...

We then made our own icebergs!!!

We filled our bags with water...

..and put them in the freezer!

And then it was time to wait!!  (We took our icebergs out around bath time and threw them into the water.  The kids LOVED watching them float around and eventually melt... but were very sad when their water was freezing cold and they still had to bathe!  Haa!!  Sweet times.  And Daddy - I think Andrew learned that CrossFit move from YOU!)

Lastly, we boiled eggs:

I wanted them to try to walk around the house with the egg on their slippers, just like penguins do!

But then we forgot because the eggs looked so delicious, so we cut them up and ate them instead.
Bad penguins.
But oh, soooo cute!!!! :))


  1. Balookie is very good at getting below parallel on his squat haha!!!

    This lesson looks like so much fun!!!

  2. I looove this! In my head, I think I want to home school our kiddos, but sometimes it's stressful to think about it. But I love how much creativity and freedom there is in home schooling! :)


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