Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Samuel Goes to Church!

Samuel has been so wonderful, y'all.  Easy going, well-tempered, and even starting to sleep 5-6 hours at night, which is so nice for this momma of four!  On his first Sunday to church, I had to get a picture of all my Poole babies!

Seeing my children get all dressed up for church is one of my most favorite things! 

Hahaa, Grant DOES love Samuel...just maybe not when he is getting ALL of the attention! ;)

Sweet brothers!

Silly faces are their favorite! 

"This is what I do when Samuel is being loud."

Group hug/poke the baby's eyes out.

Little Samuel looking up to his big brother already!
I'm always so proud of my children, especially when we are on our way to church together.  Sunday morning are crazy, chaotic, messy, and we are always running late... but they're SO good.  They teach my children that going to church is vital, that worshiping with fellow believers is critically important to the growth of the our spiritual lives.  The benefits far outweigh the "Hurry, eat your oatmeal!  Where's the match to your shoes?  Can someone please bring me another diaper!  Hurry up and get in the car... but first get on the couch and let's take a quick picture because you're just so adorable!!" moments.
 It's a mess.  But a beautiful one.


  1. Their sweaters are SO cute!!!! you can go ahead and mail those to me! ;)
    Also why everybody dressed up for church but samuel is in his jammies???! #fourthborn

  2. They are such cuties!! And of course Grant is great... it's fourth born. 4th born kids are the BEST (guess which number I am, haha!).

  3. I agree your little ones are beautiful and precious Melissa. It's so good that you and Wade devote your lives to the Lord. Your devotion is clearly reflected in Savannah, Grant, Andrew, and even baby Samuel's eyes as well. They are so precious. Glad ya'll are all doing so well.


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