Wednesday, March 18, 2015

The Richey's Come to Visit!

At the end of February, we had a visit to remember!!  Our Uncle Tommy, Aunt Cheryl, and Grandpa all drove down to Pineville!!!  We hadn't seen them in FOREVER, so we greatly anticipated their arrival for the weekend!  Here is our precious Grandpa hugging Savannah and meeting Samuel for the first time in Pops and Grammie's new house!!!

Jude was very happy to see Grandpa, too!!

Little Sadie looking so lovely in Lissie's scarf!

I have some very big helpers who get Samuel to sleep for me!

Some sweet faces around here:

Mom with Uncle Tom and Aunt Cheryl! We had such a wonderful day catching up on everything and nothing over cups of coffee!  It was just awesome!

And then it was music sing-along time!  Here is Grammie on the piano...

...and Uncle Tom on the guitar!!

Singing Johnny Cash's, "I've Been Everywhere, Man!"  What a fun song!! Super job, Uncle Tommy!!

Looking up the lyrics to "Home on the Range," ha!

The little children singing, "You Are My Sunshine" to Grandpa made him so happy. :))

"Twinkle, twinkle, little star...."

Savannah and Grammie dancing together to the music!

Beautiful girl!

After that, it was "Rough-housing with Pops" time!

Grandpa, we love you!!

A few more songs to put Baby Grant to sleep..

...and then Pops chased everyone all over the backyard!

"I'm the king, I'm the queen, I'm the princess!!!!"

We ate barbeque for dinner, but Grant especially loved the potato salad...

Told ya.

It was Paw Paw Fred's first time to meet Grant, too!!  They became fast little buddies!

Grandpa and two of his great-grandsons... love this one so much!

Grandpa and I got to sit for over an hour together talking about how he met my grandma (after being drafted, he came back 2 years later to finish school and lo and behold, was now in class with his most favorite Helen Etherton! :)), his role in WW2 (amazing!  He was an Army guard, transporting American military criminals from Washington to Alcatraz!  He was to be in the next platoon of soldiers overseas when they got news that the atomic bomb had been dropped, stopping him from having to go), and his ancestors (one of them being his grandma, who was originally a KENNEDY!!!!  Like invited to one of John Kennedy's celebrations KENNEDY!  How awesome is that?!  Now, I'm obsessed with finding out exactly just how close I am related to JFK. ;))  What a special night. 

The next morning, we drove to Anacoco to go to church with Jason and Heather... as this was Jason's first Sunday to preach as the PASTOR of Pleasant Hill Baptist Church!  He did a wonderful job!!  We are so proud of him!!  We went back to their house after church where Heather had prepared two delectable soups:
Chicken Noodle..

..and Loaded Potato Soup.  Seriously, straight from heaven.  And I'm not even saying that because Jase is a pastor. ;)  It really was perfection!

Strawberry and Pecan Salad... my favorite.

What a fun lunch party!

Katie girl loved having her cousins over, eating her food, reading her books, and messing up her room!  Hahaa, sorry, Kate!!  Thanks for putting up with us!

Grandpa, Mom, her brother, and his wife..
Love this Richey family of mine!  We were just missing Uncle Dan, Aunt Pam, and Dad!

My favorite. :))

I'm so thankful for the time we got to spend together..

..but as always, it flew by and soon it was time for everyone to go..

Uncle Tom, Aunt Cheryl, Grandpa - COME BACK!!!!  Anytime!!!  You make life so sweet and we enjoy every moment that you're here!  You guys are simply the best! Thanks for a most wonderful visit!!!

Grant and Kate were being awfully sneaky while we were saying our goodbyes.. ha!

Y'all come back now, ya hear?!

What a glorious weekend spent with our precious family!  Reunions just don't happen often enough!  Grandpa, thanks for the stories.. I wrote them down so that I'll never forget.  :)) You are a wonderful grandpa and we will be forever thankful for you!  Uncle Tom and Aunt Cheryl, thanks for making it a priority to come visit with all of us.. you have such a way of making each one of us feel so special!! It's so easy sitting and talking with you guys; you are not just family, you are friends.  Love you both and look so forward to coming visit you in D.C!!!!!!  And I mean asap. ;))


  1. Lissie! This has to be one of my most favorite posts ever! Thank you for preserving such sweet memories and all the pictures. So glad Dad got to be with us. What a true and wonderful blessing from Almighty God. Thank you, Jesus, for such a wonderful family. Love Mom

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