Thursday, April 30, 2015

Time For Your Check Up!

Somehow I missed blogging about Savannah and Andrew's first trip to the dentist, but I am convinced we have the world's greatest pediatric dentistry team right here in Alexandria!!  Not only were the children personally welcomed BY NAME when they walked in, but they were given time to play in a playroom, watch a little Frozen, read books in the library, cook in the kitchen, and work on a puzzle.. and that was after they were given stickers and balloons and chocolate toothpaste during their check-up.  They took pictures with Bippo the Hippo and added their name to the Cavitiy-Free Champions Wall.. no sugar bugs here! Needless to say, my kids got in the car and immediately asked, "WHEN CAN WE GO BACK?!"  Now that's a mom's dream come true!!

Fast forward 6 months and it was time to go again!!  
Here are my cuties, ready for their next trip to see Bippo!


..and sweet!!

Wade was off, so he planned to take Savan and Andrew to the dentist while I stayed behind with the babies...

Days out with Dad are the best!!

While the kids were gone, I worked on our church's nursery volunteer gifts...
how cute are these?!  Thanks, Hezzy, for all your help!!

Once the kids returned, they proudly showed me their report card:
All A's!!!

Nice, clean, pearly whites!!

Grant will be going with the big kids next time.. but for now, he was happy with their balloons!
(It especially helped after he had busted his mouth running down the driveway the night before.. ouch!)

He reminds me of Christopher Robin and Pooh Bear here... he looks like he might simply fly away!

Hooray for wonderful visits to the dentist!!  Now, if only Mommy and Daddy would go... (insert emoji face with all the teeth showing here).  Are we too big to go where the kids go????

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

As We Wrap Up Homeschooling...

I have learned so much this year while homeschooling Savannah..  it's hard to believe we are almost finished with kindergarten! I feel like we are just now getting into a comfortable, familiar rhythm. I don't want to fall out of routine and/or have Savan forget some of the things she is currently learning about, so we will probably take a little breather, but continue math and reading throughout the summer! Not to worry - there'll be lots of field trips, swimming parties, and slumber parties, too! :))

Homeschooling has been such a unique experience.  I'm thankful for Savan and how forgiving she has been while we figure everything out, how willing she has been to adjust and adapt when we needed to, and how quickly she catches on to all of her material! She is such a fast little learner - it makes school so easy for me! 

Now that Grammie and Pops live here, they are able to bring some of Savan's lessons to their house and Grammie will do school there!  What a treat!! Savannah ADORES being homeschooled by Grammie, even though she comes home with twice the workload she does with me! Haa!!  What a beautiful life.

I read this quote somewhere and it crosses my mind constantly:
"There is nothing that makes a child feel more wanted than homeschooling."  It's not always easy.  It's not always cute lessons with chocolate pudding.  Sometimes, Savannah's brothers break all her crayons, so we have nothing to color with, or I have to nurse and Savan has to stay focused without me sitting by her side showing her exactly what to do, or I'm just trying to not lose it because Savannah is hiding under the table, hoping I forget that extra handwriting practice worksheet!  


It's worth it.  It has all been worth it.

Through all the confusion, the chaos, and the uncertainties, homeschooling has shown me that life is a vapor, that my time with my sweet girl is fleeting.  I'm choosing to make the most of every moment,  savoring the daily triumphs, recognizing how we can improve and grow tomorrow. All moms know that time flies by, but homeschooling is the secret on how to slow it down. There is a bond that is so special and it develops with every day we spend together...  I want my children to feel loved, needed, and wanted.

God is so good, so gracious, and so amazing..  
He knew the desires of my heart before I knew them myself. 

With only a few weeks left, I'm enjoying lightening the load and pursuing more of a relaxed learning environment.. which includes lots of trips to the property, popcorn and movies on school nights, and spontaneous day trips to the playground and sno-cone stand. Does life get any better than this?!

When you see a broken hanger, it belongs in the trash, right??  Right!  ....Unless you have a 4 year old boy who, with a little handle made of tape, can instantly become CAPTAIN HOOK!

Cutest little captain I've ever seen!

After learning all about the life cycle of a butterfly, we had to act it out!!
Here is our butterfly egg..

...that grew into a wiggly caterpillar...

....who grew up and wrapped itself in a cocoon! Here are my two little chrysalis'!

Andrew's "ninja turtle butterfly," ha!!

I don't know if I've ever seen a more beautiful grown-up butterfly!!!!

Stretching their new wings!

This.  Just this.
If I could capture the essence of a little girl, innocent and pure and free and joyful, in a picture...
it would be this one.

I am so thankful that she is mine!

Our littlest man enjoyed watching his siblings jump and dance about.. so much so that he even started giggling!!  What a sweet little face!

He looks so much like his older sister!!

I love that sweet smiley face!!

What a precious life we are living.  I just want to soak it all in..
Dancing butterflies and all.

Friday, April 24, 2015

Happy 56th Birthday, Pops!

On March 21, Pops celebrated his 56th birthday... and of course, that called for homemade onion rings, hamburgers, and chocolate cake!!  We all got together at Jen's house and began prepping!  While we were working, Jen began to talk about her upcoming mission trip to Turkey... which led to an impromptu homeschool lesson on Ephesus!  

The kids liked seeing the pictures of all the places Jenny was going to visit!

Heather, in the meantime, baked these fresh onion rings up.. YUM!

Let's celebrate Pops everyday with meals like this! :))

Two of the cutest little chefs!

Tired mommy and daddy.. but love raising all of our littles together!

Savannah's hand-on-hip pose cracks me up... I wonder where she got that from. ;)

Chocolate cake for the greatest Pops in the world!!  Happy Birthday, Dad!!  We love you more than words can say!!

Grammie's perfect lemonade...

And Hezzy's amazing cake!

Grant sure enjoyed himself!

Handsome little fella!

Jenny and Baby Samuel!

Aunt Hezzy got to snuggle with him, too!

Judey thought he needed a little more cake..

...but Momma was busy loving on Baby Cakes!

Grammie doing what grandmas do best... showering the kids with kisses, ice cream and cake!

Ready for another bite, Grams!

What a beautiful night celebrating our favorite birthday boy!!

So glad you live so close and can come in to play, Hezzy!!  And Samuel literally partied til he dropped...

The next morning, Jenny made cinnamon rolls to keep the celebration going...

And they were just perfect!

You're never too old for a birthday cinnamon roll, complete with a candle. :))

Happy Birthday to youuuuu!!

Cinnamon roll lollipop??  Sounds good!

Mom's favorite verse for Dad is Psalm 37:37 -
"MARK the blameless man, and observe the upright, 
for the future of that man is peace." 
Sounds just like our Pops! :))

Happy Birthday, Dad!!  We love you and are so appreciative of all the million ways you have shown us what the greatest dad looks like!!  I hope you always know how much you are loved!!

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