Monday, April 6, 2015

Baby Shower for Jack!

On March 7, 2015, our next door neighbors and dear friends, Kelli and Troy, had a church  shower for their new baby, Jack Roland!!  He is due around April 23 and we are seriously ecstatic about his arrival, especially Andrew!!  He prays for Baby Jack just about every night and is so looking forward to more BOYS to play with around here!  

Here is Savannah, all dolled up and ready for the party!  What a little cutie!

Such sweet little faces!  Except maybe Samuel's here, haa!

I love how good our church ladies are at throwing showers... it was gorgeous!!

Setting out my cupcakes with the cutest toppers ever... 

Hezzy made them and they were just adorable!

Our wild Indians, ready to party!

My little lady having lunch!

Jen's gorgeous toffee cake balls!

Everything was just so pretty!

Playing our infamously fun shower games!

Cuties with cupcakes!

Callie and Landry!

Kelli had lots of helpers when she opened her gifts...

But this one gift was a very special one!!  Andrew and Savannah had picked it out and Andrew specifically asked if he could be the one to give it to Kelli..

A ninja turtle shirt for his newest little friend and neighbor!! This is one of my most favorite pictures of the day.. how absolutely precious!

 Bethany makes personalized onesies and she ALWAYS does such a good job!!  How cute is this?!

Last, but not least, Kelli opened her gift from us, my parents, and the Knotts:

Yayyyyy, a new wagon to take lots and lots of walks down the street together!!

And here is a lifegroup shot!  Another one of my favorites from the day - what a precious gift we have in each other!!
 Troy and Kelli - you guys have been a godsend!!  You have blessed our family so much by being the most perfect next-door neighbors, always making us feel so warm and welcome! We look forward to loving on your new baby, taking walks with him, and watching you two grow as parents! I apologize in advance for the day when Andrew teaches him gross words, like poopy and stinky face, while they sit and talk over Popsicles. ;)  We are praying that Jack becomes a mighty man of God, using each day of his life to build up the Kingdom!  We love you and are so very happy for you!!!!  

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  1. That shower is so cute!!! Balookie is preshy and I'm jealous!! Have a good day. Ha!!!


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