Saturday, April 11, 2015

Briley Claire Knotts Is Born!

On March 19, our world was changed.  Our precious friends, Casey and Alan, had their sweet baby girl, Briley Claire!!  We absolutely could not wait to see and hold our newest little blessing, so some of our lifegroup got together that night to go to the hospital to visit them!

Meeting Briley for the first time!!  She is a dream!!!!!!!! 

Kelli, Briley, and Baby Jack

Pure perfection.

Mollie loved getting to snuggle her!!

Briley Claire - we are so glad you are here, safe and sound!!

Love that little profile!

Case, you're amazing!!!!  We all love you so much and are so proud of you!!!!!  Your little girls remind us of God's power, love, and goodness!

Here are a few mommy/baby shots that I just adored:

My most favorite picture...  Life does not get any better than this!!

Briley, you are a miracle, a blessing, and a beautiful little girl!!  We thank God for your sweet little life and are praying that you will come to know the Creator as your personal Lord and Saviour!!  We love youuuuu, sweet baby!  Welcome to the party!!!


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