Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Christmas in March

Finally, the whole Brinker family was together and we were able to exchange our Christmas gifts with each other!!  Each of the cousins had drawn someone else's name and had to buy for that one person.  It worked out so well and we had such a good time talking and figuring out what to buy for Carson, Luke, Jude, and Sadie!

To end the night, I made up a Gingerbread Man Scavenger Hunt... in case you forgot this post, where I laid out my little homemade riddles. ;)  Here are Savannah and Aunt Mandy, getting started on the Rice Krispie treats.. (which would turn out to be my little Gingerbread Man!!)

Here are 11 of the Brinker grandbabies..  Baby Samuel was sleeping and you just do not wake up a sleeping baby!!  This was the best shot that I got...

...because most of them looked like this! Ha!!

Grammie and Pops with their littlest littles!

Once my little Rice Krispie man was done, Grammie got to decorating!

Tah-dah!! Here it is, just waiting in the oven to be discovered!

Cakes and Money were ready to bite into him!

But while the adults got all their presents ready and organized, the kids were patiently waiting... at first.

Pretty soon, though, they were wild!!  "Will we ever get to open our presents?!"

We were finally ready!!  And Grammie got to go first!

We had all pitched in and bought Mom her first KitchenAid stand mixer!!!

She was so cute!! And so happy!!

Now it's time to get to baking, Grammie!

And then it was Pops's turn!

Kurt brought him in a big case of shed equipment..

And then carried in Dad's new air compressor! Yaaayyyy!!

And thennnnnnn, it was the kids' turns!!!!!

Last, but not least, it was finally time for Sadie's Scavenger Hunt!!!!  I read the book The Gingerbread Man to all the kids... and then Sadie started the hunt!

Each time she found his note hiding, there was a prize for her waiting there, too!!

At the very end, she ran to the oven AND...

Hahaha, she had finally caught that sneaky snake!!!!

Merry Christmas to my Sadie!!

Aunt Lissie loves you!!

And I think she enjoyed it.. ;)

While everyone was running around for the scavenger hunt or playing with their new presents, this is how I found Baby Kate! Haa!! Plugged in already!!

What a wonderful Christmas... 
even if it was in March. ;)

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  1. Kate is sitting like such a grown up!!!!

    I bet Mrs. Polly is LOVING that kitchen aid!!! Everyone needs one!!!!


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