Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Showers Galore

Forget April showers... MARCH was the month for showers!  We celebrated two wedding and three baby showers this month.. there are so many wonderful things happening this year!!  I forgot my camera for a few of them, ughhhh!  I hate when that happens!  But I did get a few pictures from three of the showers! 

First up is Clint and Ellie's baby shower for their new son, Parker Knox!!  We had a Backyard BBQ at Lifegroup one gorgeous Wednesday afternoon and Kelli and I set this display up together!!  Jen and Hez helped me do the balloon backdrop - and it may be my new, most favorite from of decorating!!  How cute is this?!

Lemon Cream Cheese Bars from The Traveling Apron Cookbook!

Of course you need Grammie's Fresh Lemonade at a backyard grill out!

Parker arrived on April 2, 2015 and is such a little cutie!! Congratulations, Clint and Ellie!!

Next up was Allyson's baby shower!!  She isn't finding out what she is having until delivery, which will be in May!  It's so hard to go gender-neutral and our group just couldn't handle the yellow/pastel baby colors...  So, of course, Shannon M. designed the most amazing, the most creative, the most wonderful gender-neutral party I have ever seen!!!
Enter the theme: READY TO POP!!

Seriously?!  It's perfection!!

We had a complete POPCORN bar with six different flavors of popcorn!!!!

This may be the kids's most favorite shower yet!!

Have you ever seen anything so amazing in your life?!

Hezzy, Jenny, and I spent the whole Saturday before the shower making this cake!!  Shannon made the banner, which was just the cherry on top! ;))

SO beautiful!!

As always, Al had lots of little helpers to open her gifts!

Savannah had personally written out Al's card..  here she is, explaining what she wrote, ha!

Why are fresh flowers the absolute best??

We love youuuu, Al!!!  No one could have had a prettier gender-neutral party... this was the best!!

And finally, we celebrated Candace getting married!!

Alyse and Megan did so much work preparing for the shower!!  They are the best!

The beautiful bride!!

The pretty tablescape!!!

This is one of my most favorite pictures from the day!  Candace and her mom.. so sweet!

Aunt Alysie with little Baby Samuel!

I loved getting to spend the day with them - it doesn't happen often enough!

Where to start?!  Everything was so good!

Sweet friends!

I love my son!!  He is the smallest and sweetest little companion!

Friends since 2004!  It seems like yesterday and forever ago all at the same time..

We used the nickname "A List" in college and it has always made us laugh!!  We were only missing our Shanny!!  But we did leave a spot for you, Shan!!  A spot for you AND Baby Malachi! :))

Another one of my favorites from the day!  We love our Auntie Meg!

Smiles from Samuel are the best!  Just ask Meg - I made her pose like this for 5 minutes, maybe longer, acting like a crazy person trying to get Samuel to smile! Ha!!  And it finally worked! Kinda..
This is such a great stage of life..  weddings, babies, and lots of parties to celebrate them! March, you were a nonstop celebration and we loved every minute!!  Let's do it again next year.

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  1. These showers are so cute!

    And I'm crying, thanks bye!
    Love you!


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