Thursday, April 30, 2015

Time For Your Check Up!

Somehow I missed blogging about Savannah and Andrew's first trip to the dentist, but I am convinced we have the world's greatest pediatric dentistry team right here in Alexandria!!  Not only were the children personally welcomed BY NAME when they walked in, but they were given time to play in a playroom, watch a little Frozen, read books in the library, cook in the kitchen, and work on a puzzle.. and that was after they were given stickers and balloons and chocolate toothpaste during their check-up.  They took pictures with Bippo the Hippo and added their name to the Cavitiy-Free Champions Wall.. no sugar bugs here! Needless to say, my kids got in the car and immediately asked, "WHEN CAN WE GO BACK?!"  Now that's a mom's dream come true!!

Fast forward 6 months and it was time to go again!!  
Here are my cuties, ready for their next trip to see Bippo!


..and sweet!!

Wade was off, so he planned to take Savan and Andrew to the dentist while I stayed behind with the babies...

Days out with Dad are the best!!

While the kids were gone, I worked on our church's nursery volunteer gifts...
how cute are these?!  Thanks, Hezzy, for all your help!!

Once the kids returned, they proudly showed me their report card:
All A's!!!

Nice, clean, pearly whites!!

Grant will be going with the big kids next time.. but for now, he was happy with their balloons!
(It especially helped after he had busted his mouth running down the driveway the night before.. ouch!)

He reminds me of Christopher Robin and Pooh Bear here... he looks like he might simply fly away!

Hooray for wonderful visits to the dentist!!  Now, if only Mommy and Daddy would go... (insert emoji face with all the teeth showing here).  Are we too big to go where the kids go????

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  1. Yayyyyy!!!!!!!
    I went to bippo Til I was in college.... No shame!


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