Monday, May 4, 2015

A Great Good Friday - Part I

We spent our Good Friday in the village of Anacoco where Heather had planned a day of fantastic fun for all of us!!  We had to bring a little South Louisiana to the country, so we picked up 2 sacks of crawfish and jammed out to Wayne Toups as the kids sipped on lemonade and prepared for our Annual Family Easter Egg Hunt!  Of course, we had to stop and think about our precious Jesus on the cross and recognized that the only reason we can celebrate Good Friday is because we know Sunday is coming - death couldn't defeat Jesus!  He overcame the grave and LIVES TODAY!!!  If that doesn't put a thrill in your soul and joy in your heart, I don't know what will!  That alone is worth celebrating!!  Thank you, Father, for JESUS!!

On the Thursday before, I brought the kids up to spend the afternoon playing at Hezzy's.. and play they did!!  Look how happy this little boy was when he discovered the hose!! 

Of course, the best part is getting everyone else wet...

Our beautiful hostess for the Easter weekend!

Cute little Ruffle Butt loved watching everyone else get soaking wet!

Poor Baby Grant needed a hair cut so bad, ha!

Baby Blue Eyes!

Savannah doing her "carton-wheels," as Andrew puts it!

Grant loved washing his car!!  Now if I could only get him to do mine..

Once they were finished playing, it was time to get to work!  Hezzy found rakes for everyone and we got busy cleaning up the yard!  4 year old boys are GREAT rakers. :))

And while the children were working, I stopped to smell the flowers. ;))  5 points if you can spot the bee!

When we went inside, we found these surprises!!  It's Heather, did you expect anything less?!

Samuel was like, "Free Easter printables?!?  Say whaaaaaat?!"

The kids also got to help Hezzy make spaghetti!

Cute little Baby Grant saying, "HHHHOT!!"

And these following pictures were the funniest things ever...  this is Grant's face when the lid came off the boiling water and all the steam came pouring out of the top of the pot:


And finally, right before bed, the kids gathered around Hezzy's computer and flipped through her screen saver.. which had lots of old pictures of Mommy and Daddy!

Ha!!  Me and Hez about 10 years ago.. we still look exactly the same, right?!?

Mischievous little Samuel wondering what trouble we will get in to tomorrow...
That funny post, coming up next!


  1. Love your pictures Lis!!!
    Grants face is so funny with that steam!!! That's a picture for his wedding for sure haha!!

  2. Love all the pictures, little Lissie. And so thankful for Heather and Jason's hospitality and wonderful country home. Most importantly, is all glory goes to Jesus Christ who made it possible for people to be saved! He conquered the grave! Hallelujah. Love, Mom


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