Wednesday, May 6, 2015

A Great Good Friday - Part II

On Good Friday morning, we enjoyed Hezzy's wonderful homemade pancakes which fueled us up for our egg-dyeing, relay racing, crawfish boiling day ahead!  We started off dyeing Grammie and Pops's 3 dozen boiled eggs...

Here are all the little children working hard!!

The babies loved watching the big kids work!

Hahaha!!  Samuel was not happy that he had to miss out on the egg-dyeing fun!

How cute is Jenny's new drink dispenser!
And Grammie's homemade lemonade is quickly becoming a staple at our family gatherings!!

Time to start on the crawfish!!!

Cute cajun kids..

Rylie loved trying to grab one without getting pinched!

The boys going for a quick spin in Kate's car...

Beautiful boys!

Here are the kids with their masterpieces!





Here is Pops adding a little vinegar so the dye can be just a little darker, the way the kids like them.. 
What a sweet grandpa!!

Jenny and Samuel were glad the eggs were almost done!

Tah-dah!!  One tray of the prettiest little Easter eggs!

Andrew won The Most Beautiful Egg Award!!

Callie's was a close second!

Wait... are we not going to eat these perfectly good eggs??

Now that the eggs were good and dried and the crawfish were officially boiling, it was time for the kids's EASTER EGG HUNT!!!!!  Here is Heather explaining the rules!!

You must wear your bunny ears and run like crazy, gathering every egg you can find!  Also, there isn't candy inside (per Mom's request!)... instead, they are filled with MONEY!!!! (Pops's change drawer took a beating this Easter, HA!)

Peter Andrew Cottontail!

Ready, ready, ready to run!

Our official egg-hiders:

We caught these cheaters peeking through the back door!!!!!!
Hahaa, sssssilly rabbits!!

It was a gorgeous day for our egg hunt!!

The wider the play area, the more the kids have to run!!  We believe in working hard for your money!! Hahaa!

Final announcements before the big send-off:
There is a special egg as well as a rabbit's face hidden in the yard.
Find the rabbit and you are the first to get dessert!!

Find the special egg with the golden coin inside and you win the GOLDEN BUNNY!!

Jen's advice: 
Do whatever you must do to win!!  Fight, punch, kick, steal!!  Pull hair if necessary!!  Nothing is off limits during Annual Easter Egg Hunt Time!!!!!

I don't know if the kids were ready for this... ha!!
But on your mark...

Get set!
(While I took a quick pic of Aunt Hil and her sweet friend, Tess, with the baby babies!)


Where IS that golden coin??  I want that big chocolate bunny!!

You mean I have to work for my dessert, too???

Callie making off with her big haul!

Checking out their goods!


And won the golden bunny!!

Rylie stayed out looking for the rabbit's head... and she finally found it!!!!  She won line leader for dessert time!

Beautifully boiled crawfish... and now it was finally time to EAT!!

Andrew didn't want to put his bag of money down, haa!

Jase and Kate... twinsies!!

The moment we'd all been waiting for!

Everyone's favorite Chef Wadie!!

A little bit of heaven right there, y'all.

Thanks for hosting us, Hezzy!!  This was such a wonderful Good Friday with you!!

I'm declaring this our Good Friday tradition... next year, though, we need Nathan and our Texas family there, too!!

More play time and fun after lunch:

You mean I can eat this whole pie by myself?!

The scary part of our day??
Uncle Lester found a baby SNAKE!

He said it was a little garden snake... I hope he was right because Andrew loved getting to pet it!!

Big Wade and Little Wade:

They are two of my favorite guys!!
At this point, Jen and her girls headed home.. which was so sad!!  But the fun wasn't over yet!!  It was now time for our  Family Easter Egg Games!!  Who do you think won in our Easter Egg Couples Relay Race.. the girls or boys??  That post, coming next! :))

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  1. All I'm gonna say is THAT CRAWFISH!!!
    So red and beautiful.

    Everything else looked fun too. Ha!


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