Tuesday, May 12, 2015

A Great Good Friday - Part III

I can't even tell you how many pictures I had to delete for this post!!!  I started uploading and it said something like 150 pictures and I knew I had to throw some out... but everyone's faces during the Easter Relay Games were sooo funny!!  We had such a great time!!  Hopefully, you'll find these pictures as great as I did... they had me laughing the whole way through!

Here is our Easter Bunny Man!

Heather decided that we should play Egg Toss with her raw eggs.. and since I did not come prepared for such festivities, Hil and I decided to make use of Hezzy's garbage bags!!  Haa!! #wimps

Everyone got to pick a partner.. and Andrew bunny picked ME!

We began gently tossing our egg back and forth, back and forth..

Widening up the gap, we moved farther and farther apart, continuing to toss our eggs..

Whoa, what a catch!!  After several rounds of egg tossing, everyone's eggs eventually broke, except...

Jase and Wadie's!!!!  They were our Egg Toss Champions!!!!  And don't they look excited?!  Hahaa!

Savannah and Andrew wanted to do a Grown-Up Easter Egg Hunt, where the kids hid the eggs and all the adults had to find them!  What a good idea!!  Here is Savan, ready to hide her eggs!

What a good hiding spot, Baby Grant!

Ready to start our hunt!

The egg hunt made Pops hungry, so as he found them, he ATE THEM!  Hahaha!!

Oh, Heather, you're doing such a good job!! 

After pushing me down and jumping over me to get to eggs first, Wadie was our winner.. AGAIN!

I'm so thankful my kids have a daddy who always wants to play their silly games!

I am praying Baby Grant grows up to be just like his dad!

...Even though he looks like me.  ;))

And thennnn, it was time for our Easter Egg Relay Race!!!!!
Keeping your egg on the spoon, you had to race to the tree and back.
First up: Savannah and Andrew!

And they're off!

Next up: Wade and Hil... and at this point, it started to really become a serious competition!

As you can tell by me and Mom's round!!  Hahaaa! 

She dropped her egg, so Dad came out to encourage her to HURRYYYYY UP!!!!

We switched up the teams to make it a little more clear - BOYS VS GIRLS!!!

And around the tree, the boys take the lead!!

THEIR FACES!!!!!!  Hahahahaha!

Come on, Jase!! You're going to have to hurry to beat me!!!!!

Somehow, the boys took the win every round... Dumb.
So for our last few races, we paired off by couples:

Heather and Jase went first and this is right when Heather started screaming, "CHEATER!  CHEATER!  You can't hold your egg!!!!!!"

Nooooooooo!!!!!  Get back to the starting line, Mister!!!!!!!!

Take off number two:
(And I love Savannah and Andrew's faces in this one!!)

Jase in the lead:

Passing the eggs off to Savannah and Andrew..

The kids actually went really slow, even though we were all screaming at them like crazy, hahaha!

And then we were back in business!

Hahahahaha, one of my favorite pictures from the day!!!

Girls Win!!  Girls Win!!!!  See Dad's egg falling?!  GIRLS WIN!!!!

What sweet little competitors!!!

Mom and Dad ran their own relay race and this was one of the best parts of the day...
Here they go, around the tree:

Making the turn:

Coming in the home stretch!!!!!!

DAD WINS!!!!!!!  DAD WINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dad with his winning egg!!!!!!!!!

Last, but not least, it was time for Wade and me to race!!!

I didn't get any pictures of the actual race, but someone took these...
Wade won!! And so I had to start an egg fight with him...

Please, please!! Don't throw your winning egg at me!!

I want to run all my relay races with you, my Wadie!!!

All of our sides were in stitches from running and laughing so hard!!  
It was the FUNNIEST!!  Thanks, Hezzy, for planning so much fun for us!!
Last, but not least, here are some sweet pictures that ended our Great Good Friday:

After more fun than we could handle, it was time to head home!
Here is Heather after a full two days of hosting our wild, loud, fabulous family!
She needed a nap.. and she had definitely earned one!
I am thankful to Almighty God for his abundant blessings on our sweet family!  We only love because He first loved us..  Loved us enough to die for us on Good Friday so many years ago.  We don't have to endure God's wrath because Jesus already did!  That's the Good News!!  He took our place on the cross and offers us salvation, a place in heaven with God the Father!!  We can become heirs with Christ!!  What wonderful, life-changing news!!  May our lives all day, everyday reflect the joy we have in Him!!


  1. Thanks Grant for hiding an egg Pops was able to find.

  2. This looks so much fun!!! Boys are cheaters!!!! Ha!!


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