Friday, May 15, 2015

Happy Easter Eve!

On Easter Eve, our church {The Gathering Place} hosted our Annual Easter Egg Hunt, but this year it was in the community setting of our new church in Wardville!!  Unfortunately, Wadie had to work and my parents were out of town, so I got the kids dressed and ready for the hunt by myself!  Needless to say, we didn't get to stay very long.. it's a lot of work chasing after 4 babies that are all going in opposite directions!!  But the kids enjoyed it and I was glad!!

Here they all are, Grant messy and muddy before we had even left, ha!!
Savannah - 5 years, Samuel - 4 months, Grant - 1 year, Andrew - 4 years

Our sweet friend, Emmy, let us play with her bunny rabbits!

Grant absolutely loved the bunnies!  I think that was his favorite part!

Amber was our awesome face-painting woman!

The babies got to hunt their eggs first!  Here is Grant, ready to scoop them up!

Since Mommy was busy taking pictures, big sister Savannah came in to help!

Savan loved getting to crack open Grant's eggs to show him what was inside!

Callie and Andrew - best friends since they were newborn babies!

Andrew, Brynlie, Rylie, and Savannah

Amber did such a good job painting Van's cupcake!!  The kids actually missed their egg hunt time because they were standing in line waiting for their balloons... and shortly after that, we headed home because Momma was going crazy keeping up with all the commotion, ha!! 

We didn't get a family egg hunt picture this year, but how sweet is this one from last year?!
Grant is so little!!

On Easter morning, we put on our new Easter outfits... as soon as I finished 20 verses of "Up From the Grave, He Arose!!!!!!"  It's always my favorite way of waking up the kids on Easter morning!!  It's hands down my absolute favorite morning of the year, surpassing even Christmas!!  I love the thrill and wonder and excitement that swirls in my heart, knowing that the tomb was empty!!  How incredible that must have been this Sunday so many years ago when everyone realized that Jesus had defeated death!!  Knowing that I have the same power through Jesus Christ to live eternally is THRILLING!!!  Oh, death, where is your sting?!  Oh, hell, where is your victory?!  Oh, church, come stand in the light!! Our God is not dead, He's alive!  He's alive!!!!  (Someone should turn that into a song... ;))  I want to wake up this excited every morning!!  I am so thankful for the resurrection!

I am also thankful for my four little babies who looked so pretty for our Easter service!!!

Wade was working, so I was on my own to get a good picture of the kids... and you know how nearly impossible that is to get them all looking and smiling!  Here are the best that I got!

Sweet Savannah

Beautiful Brother

Giggly Baby Grant

This group of kiddos are the original oldest of our TGP children and we have taken a picture of them every Easter.  In keeping with tradition, here they are on Easter 2015!

Easter 2010:

Last year:

And now this year!  Can't wait to take this picture when they're 18! :))

After church, Mrs. Dixie graciously invited us over to have Easter lunch with her and the Sharbonos!!
I love how our family is growing every year... Easter family pictures are my favorite!

Me and my Jenny!!

Jude and Grant... the cutest almost 2 year olds I ever did see!!

Love those beautiful eyeballs!!

So thankful for my sister and her babies!!

It was POURING raining this Easter... so we moved Nanny's Easter Egg Hunt inside!!!  Here are the kids, waiting while Nanny hides the eggs!

Singing It's a Hard Knock Life at the top of their lungs!!!  Hahaa, it was so cute!

Hunting eggs!!

Grant and his baby basket made me laugh!! So stinking adorable!

Counting up their eggs to make sure they had found them all!!  I'm so appreciative for a Nanny that hides real boiled eggs around her house for the kids to find!!

Lovely Sadie Lady!

Pops and Grammie came over that evening and Samuel loved getting to hang with his Pops!  Even though he may not look like it... ha!!

4 months old and one of the sweetest babies I've ever known!!  He wasn't so sure about all the egg-hiding and finding, though.  That was a little bit hard to understand!
 Hope you all had a eggstra-ordinary Easter and personally know the Saviour who defeated death this day!!  He is our hope in life and death!!


  1. Balookie is a ham and a half!!!! So silly in those pictures!!

  2. OMG such sweet pictures!!! I cannot believe how big all of these kids are getting!!! It's crazy!!


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