Friday, May 29, 2015

Picnic at the Property

Grammie and Pops own the most beautiful 8 acres in all of Louisiana and the kids get to ride the tractor, make trails, and escape to their own little retreat every week. They imagine and play and create a sweet, wonderful little world for themselves out there!!  

Here are Pops and Samuel, enjoying their little world..

Samuel is never more relaxed than when he is snoozing outside!

Grammie and Pops were cleaning out the fence row (doesn't that sound so farm-y and cute like in the olden days??) and they had brought a watermelon for all their little helpers!!

Hey!!  Are we going to eat that watermelon or just look at it all day?!

Cold watermelon on a hot day... one of life's most simple joys!

Beautiful girl, waiting for a slice!

Nom nom nom...

Rylie, ready to go into SECOND grade!!!

Callie, 4 years old going on 24!

Savannah has finished kindergarten... has a whole year already gone by?!

Hahaa, sweet little brother.

A month away from turning two, Grant's little faces are just too much!!

Grant watched Pops spitting out his seeds... and decided that's what he wanted to do, too!  Like grandfather, like grandson!  So adorable.

As the girls explored through the woods and under the bridge, they found an empty turtle shell.  I don't know what happened to the turtle.. :/  But his shell was neat to look at!

Silly Baby Grant.

I think this is when the kids were laughing because they thought it was so funny that Grammie and Pops kiss..  Pops and Grammie, sitting in the tree... K-i-s-s-i-n-g!  Hahaa, they are so sweet!

And this is how you finish off a watermelon in the country.

Baby Samuel woke up wondering who ate all the watermelon?!

Picnics at the property... we dreamed of days like this with Grammie and Pops for so long.  It's unbelievable that this is now our reality!!  What wonderful, wonderful days together!!

The following morning, I got the boys ready for church and realized that they all coordinated!  So of course, I had to make myself late while I snapped a few pictures...
Grant - 1, Andrew - 4, and Samuel - 4 months

The three amigos.  The three musketeers.  The three Poole boys.

We then came home from church and made homemade Popsicles and the kids begged me to take a picture of them... so here they are. ;))  I love these babies!!
I know I say this a lot, but truly...
Does life get any better than this??


  1. Did Samuel get any melon?!??!!!!

  2. What fun days!!! Emory and Georgia want to know when they are going to be invited for watermelon and exploring Grammie and Pop's property?! And seriously, so cute matching for church!!

  3. Lissie! So love the pictures! We are so thankful we have a place that reminds me of Illinois and the farm where I grew up. All thanks to Jesus for this great gift! Love, Mom


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