Monday, May 18, 2015

Street Meet with the Neighbors!

Everyone knows how much we love our neighbors, but here are just a few reasons why!!

This is our sweet Kelli, due any day with Baby Jack, swinging and reading to the kids!!

Baby Grant loved feeling Baby Jack move around.

If Kelli and Troy ever move, we are going with them!!

Casey and Alan, also our wonderful neighbors, brought Briley over for her very first visit to the Poole house!!  Samuel and Briley and Jack are destined to be great friends!!  
What sweet faces!!

12 weeks apart to the day!

So excited to watch these two grow up together!!

I love Baby Briley!

One requirement for our boys will be that they learn to cook.. and there's no better time to start than now!!  Here is Wadie, teaching the boys how to brown ground meat.. and organize the k-cups! :))

4 years old and learning the tricks of the trade!

Here is Samuel, 4 months old and looking as cute as can be.

At 4 months old, Samuel is almost 13 pounds and over 23 inches long. (I know because we just had our check-up, not because I'm measuring, ha!!)  He still nurses every 2.5-3 hours, except through the night when he sleeps for 5 or 6 hours, nurses, and goes back to sleep again!  I think we are past our newborn no-sleeping nights and I have to say I AM SO GLAD!

He jabbers and coos and smiles and plays and reaches.. Our pediatrician called him our social butterfly.  He hasn't met a stranger yet, he just appreciates any attention he can get!  (Which is a lot when there are old ladies anywhere nearby!)  Some people say he looks just like Savannah or just like Andrew or just like Wade...  I see a little bit of them all!  He most definitely had Wade's perfect little lips.. and I just want to kiss them all day long!!

He loves all the chaos and commotion his siblings make around him..  Watching them is his favorite thing to do!!  Besides nurse.  And be rocked. ;))

His hair is lightning up, not nearly as dark as it was when he was born!  His skin is still silky smooth and his eyes are bigger than ever!!  And he makes my fourth blue-eyed baby. :))

I am so thankful for his sweet little life!!  As much as I wanted another little girl, I wouldn't trade my little Samuel Wade for 10 girls!!  But isn't that the way it always goes??  God knows what we need and want better than we know ourselves. Happy 4 months, Sambo Jenkins!  We love you!!


  1. please dont talk about your kissing life on your blog.... i may barf ;) bahaha!!!!
    also, i need to be there.

  2. Precious little Samuel! How is he so big already?! And we want to be y'all's neighbor!!


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