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A Perfect Zoo-shi Day

"We went on down to the Audubon Zoo
and they all asked for you!! For who??  
They all asked for YOU!
The monkeys asked.. The tigers asked.. And the elephant asked me too!" 

That song was playing in our heads as we continued Grant's birthday celebration in the Big Easy!
This was the kids's first time at the New Orleans Audubon Zoo and we were all SO excited!  Here they are, handing over their tickets:

If you've never been, the Audubon Zoo is pretty spectacular.  Lots of open room, even more to see, and smiles all around.  {At least until the 90+ degree heat and humidity caught up to us and the kids flat laid out on the ground!}  But at the beginning, we were happy and fresh and ready to go!!
 First up, the flamingos:

We knew the elephants left their area at noon.. and it was 11:50.  Since Wade is so handy with a map, we quickly worked our way through the park to find them!  ELEPHANTS!! These are the first elephants the kids have seen in real life!! How amazing!

Even though Grant was in the stroller, buddy, he was not going to miss out!

As quickly as we found them, they were gone.  We had a full 10 minutes with them and I was so thrilled about that!  Grant clearly needed more time with them, though, ha!!

Sweet girl, looking so big with her tennis shoes on!

We were so glad cousin Abigail got to come to the zoo with us!!

Beautiful Brother.

All the little duckies, following Nan!!

Turtle time!!  This was Caroline, the turtle you can look at and pet!
{Homeschooling at its finest!}

Everyone petted Caroline..

..except Grant!  He wanted to keep that thing at a distance!

We had to stop a minute to take a family picture together.. What a wonderful, wonderful day!

We are so thankful for our Nana and Paw!!

Going into the Primates section, we saw these sculptures and I told the kids to make their best monkey faces.. and this is what I got!  Ha!!

I did not love this gorilla... his poses freaked me out!

Hahaa, the sweet things you will do so your grandson can see the monkey..

And of course, Grant loved every minute of it!

Heading into dragon land...

Y'all.  This thing was scary!!  The Komodo Dragon..

He kept flicking his tongue in and out and looked so huge!

And he stopped when he spied the kids!!

See him frozen in the background?!  Yuck!  
But these babies sure are cute!!

Onto the Reptilessssssss cagessssss...

And we found this TWO-HEADED SNAKE!!  Seriously, how sick is this?!  It's like a horrible nightmare times two!  Now who has the heebie jeebies?!

A quick rest for the weary..

..before we headed into DINOSAUR LAND!! 

A real life size T-Rex head!!!! His, not mine. ;)

All of the dinosaurs snarled and growled and blinked and moved... even their eyes moved after you!  Super terrifying, actually, and super hot!!  Ahhh, it was AMAZING!

You know The Land Before Time movies??  With Little Foot and all of his friends?? Savannah found Sarah!!

Cute kid with the scaryyyyy dinosaur.

There's no one else I'd rather be eaten by a dinosaur with than you, Wadie!

Dinosaur hunting with my girl!

After Dinosaur Land, we headed over to probably the most surprising exhibit to me..the GIRAFFES! 

Am I the only one who had no idea giraffes were sooo tall?! I mean, I knew they were big... but taller than my house?!  Incredible!!

After so much exploring, our tummies were hungryyyy.  Wade had heard a famous chef say that some of his most favorite red beans and rice are served in the Louisiana Swamp at the Audubon Zoo.  Clearly, we had to try them.  And they were faaaaantastic!!  We loved them!!  After eating, the kids got up on the stage and danced to the Cajun music...  that's some true Louisiana babies right there, y'all.

Out of the stroller and free at last, Grant had himself a good time on that stage!

Where did you come from?  Where did you go?
Where did you come from, Cotton Eyed Joe?!

With our bellies full, it was time to get back out there..

Lovely little lady!

We quickly came to the Rue Garou!!  We laugh about this with the kids as just a Louisiana joke, but I've actually never known what the Rue Garou looked like or where he came from!  Sooo gross and scary, but we were amazed that he had his own exhibit at the NOLA zoo!

Sweet Samuel pretty much dribbled and drooled over every animal he saw. ;) This teething baby loved every minute of it!

This play place was called the Kids Trap..

And I trapped not one..

not two...

...but THREE beautiful kids!

If you see a gator with his mouth open, 
clearly you should sit on him and stick your foot in his mouth.

We love Louisiana!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Going in for a closer look at the jaguar!

Grant and the ostrich were too cute!

One of my favorite pictures from the day:

Handsome, handsome boys!

Two little monkeys jumped on Dad's back..

...Dad is the best, and that is a fact, Jack!!
(And this is definitely another of my most favorites!!)

We got sno-balls and went to eat them at the giraffe exhibit..

Nan and her girls!

How precious is this?!  Brother and Nan.

After sno-balls, we went to the petting zoo just 10 minutes before they closed!

Sweet friends and their goats.

Our last set of sculptures on Monkey Hill (where Paw and Granny would go and play years ago!), we had to take a few pictures before we headed for home.

We will be back, chere!

Grant and his Paw.. absolutely adorable.

I've only recently discovered that I love sushi!!!!  So once we got back to Thibodaux, we ordered lots of different things so we could try them all for dinner!  We picked up our sushi order and oh. my. goodness. Yuuuuuuum.  It was such an awesome way to end a perfect day!!

Of course, for a day to be truly perfect for the kids, they have to get soaking wet and totally messy..  so that's just what they did after eating.

Uncle Wadie did the honors of soaking everyone down..

One of our favorite stops in Thibodaux is at Rouses, the epicurean grocery store. As funny as that sounds, for a foodie like Wade and an easily excitable person like me who likes all things relating to food and drink, Rouses is just our place.  And of course, while we were there, we found a treasure!!  Wagyu Beef Rib Eye Steak!!  Ever heard of it or am I just lucky because we watch so many cooking shows??  Ha!!  It's a once in a lifetime buy... and we couldn't wait to get home to cook this bad boy!

We were all super sad to leave.. Nana and Paw, thank you for always making us feel so comfortable and welcome each and every time!  We feel so special on every visit!!  You guys are the very best and we love youuuuu!!

Grant cried the entire 3 hours down to Thibodaux a few days earlier (and we had to listen to the horrible, horrible I'm a Gummy Bear song. On repeat. It was awwwwful.)  Thankfully, on our trip back home, he knocked out immediately and slept the whole way!

And in case you were wondering how that Wagyu steak was, here is a little picture of it getting ready to go in the sizzling, hot pan!

And finished at a nice medium-rare:
I only took a bite or two.. and it was delicious!!  Worth the price tag?? Probably not.  Wade could make frozen hamburger meat taste perfect, though, so why pay the extra expense??  I'm glad we tried it.. we are putting a check next to this one on Wadie's bucket list! ;)

This was certainly a splendid weekend!!  We were able to do so many fun things, including the zoo and Geaux Fish, but also Charming Charlies and Kirklands and Big Mike's BBQ and even visiting Paw at work!! Now that I'm thinking about it.. 
how soon is too soon to go back?!

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  1. That beef looks so good!!! Did yall see it on Food Network Star?!

    The zoo looks so much fun!! Why poor grant cant get out of his stroller?!!!


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