Sunday, June 28, 2015

A Shreveport Shower For Miss Georgia Kate

After Wendi's shower, Savannah, Samuel and I made a road trip to Shreveport!!  Our Meggie and Justin were having a backyard BBQ baby shower to celebrate their coming little one, Miss Georgia Kate!! 
We loved getting to see their new home they are building (GORGEOUS!!) and spending some time together before the shower!  Savannah and Emory quickly became bffs..
Especially when Savannah brought Emory the present she had picked out for her!
{A new broom to help Mommy around the new house!!}

Emory is going to be such a wonderful big sister.. she kept running over to take care of Samuel every time he cried, ha!

I think I told her I wanted to squish her about 20 times.  Because how could you not?!  She is sooooooo cuuuuuuute!

Told ya.  BFFS.

She is looking more and more like her mommy!

This is when she found the empty wrapper and I asked, "Hey, who ate all the chocolate??" And she said, "Daddy!! Daddy ate chocolate!! I want chocolate...." and took off running for the pantry! Hahaaaa!!!

The shower was held at the cutest little house with the cutest little door!  How pretty is this entrance?!  And the wreathhhh?!?  I loved it all!

And look at the cute diaper cake that Candace created!!

Justin is always so good about playing with my babies!!  He is so much fun!!

Samuel certainly loved all the extra attention!!

Everything was so pretty, even the food!

There was a whole play room set up for the kids.. and boy, did they love that!!

Backyard BBQ time!

The food was so delicious, I was sad that Wadie missed out!!  He would have loved this!!

Emory is always such a happy girl!

I'm so thankful for my Vannie who loves going to parties with me!

I missed the picture of Megan's mom, but she had her fire hat on too, and she said, "Ohhh, the things you do for your grandkids!" Hahaa, what a good grandma!!  These girlies loved playing fire-women!

I'm so thankful for my Meggie and our sweet, sweet friendship!  She is my kindred spirit!!

I'm also so thankful for Emily, who has become such a good friend to Meg.. and is due exactly 2 weeks after Megan!!  I think this may be the first picture I've ever taken where I'm not the one pregnant in the picture... hahaa!

Lastly, I'm thankful that Shreveport is only 1.5 hours away!  I love spending my days with these girls!


"OUCH, Emory!!!  You just paper cut my ear!!!!"  Hahaha!!

Meggie and Baby Samuel.. 

They are always so cute together!

One of my most favorite pictures from the day!!

It was time to open presents. but these two already have such a gift in each other..
They are the sweetest couple and Georgia is so blessed to have parents who love each other so much!

As always, there were lots of little helpers:

I found this at Target and thought it was the most adorable little thing..
And it made me seriously start considering Poole baby #5. ;)

What a wonderful night, full of barbeque, great gifts, and tons of pink.  Can't get any better than that!! 

Soon to be:
Mackey Family of FOUR!

We so look forward to meeting Miss Georgia next month!!  Praying she comes easily and on a day that Wadie is not working so that we can immediately drive up there! ;) There are many, many snuggle days in our future, Georgia Kate!!  And Lissie can't wait.


  1. I wish I was thereeeee!!!!!!
    Meggie, you look beautiful!

  2. YAYYYYYYYYYYY!!!! What a wonderful blog post!!! Not like I've been waiting for it or anything. ; ) And seriously, thank you so so much for coming up for the shower!!! It was so much fun to have you there!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love my Lissie girl! And my Vannie!!!


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