Sunday, June 14, 2015

Grant Turns TWO!

Our lifegroup is always so good at celebrations!  Since Grant's birthday was the very next day, we had cake, the kids played, and the grown-ups broke out Apples To Apples!!   Have y'all ever played that?!?  Maybe it depends on the group you play with, but we had soooo muchhhh funnnnn!!!  It was absolutely hilarious... and after everyone left, I got on Amazon that night to order one for myself!!  Now I just need people to come over and play with me!!!  :))

Apparently, the descriptions you end up with at the end of the game describe YOU!  These were so funny, I had to take a picture of everyone with their personality cards!!  Stephen, you had the WORST cards! But you were the winner!!  That has to count for something, right?! Hahaa!

Pahahaa, poor Ryan!!

Oh my goodness, forget the cards!  How cute is that face?!?!

Troy was so close to winning!! He had the best set of cards, for sure.

Hahaa, Victoria! Funny card, even better face!

My cards??  Realistic and Fresh.  Personally, I was very pleased! ;)

Thursday, May 29, Grant woke up to a nice big bowl of birthday Froot Loop Balls.  (Have y'all had those, yet?!  I think they are better than regular Froot Loops!)  Since we normally have much less sugary cereal, this was a big treat for the birthday boy!

The big kids enjoyed it, too!!

Before we knew it, Casey had planned out a whole party for our Baby Grant!!  She has a jumpy thing and a big carport and had invited all of the little cousins over to play!

Who is ready to party??  I AM!

Beautiful baby face!

Kelli and Jack got to come, too!!  We are so glad Jack is here and gets to party with us!!  This is how he enjoyed most of Grant's celebration, haa!

Our newest, littlest Troy!

Callie is always an exceptional babysitter!  Thanks, Cal!

Is this not the cutest, sweetest, most heart breaking little baby boo-day lip you've ever seen?! 
Absolutely adorable.

Six months apart, Landry and Grant are such cute little friends!

Everyone singing "Happy Birthday" to Grant!  Casey even had a sign written out on the driveway for our sweet boy!!  Thank you, Casey, for a wonderful birthday celebration at your house!!!

We came home and I got started on a homemade chocolate-on-chocolate cake for our birthday boy!  It's my go-to recipe.. I always have all the ingredients on hand and it's. so. simple.  It's on the back of your cocoa box, if you're interested, ha!  And it is, hands down, one of our most FAVORITE chocolate cakes of all time.  As evidenced by the sneaky little boy who got into the cake a little early::

I heard smacking from the kitchen and came in to find my cooling cake had been dug into!

The leftover frosting in the bowl didn't stand a chance, either.

I put the cake back together and then looked up to find this.  You know it's been a good day when you can't keep your eyes open to eat your birthday dinner.

Eventually, we had to wake Grant up and after we had eaten his annual birthday meal of RIBS, it was time for cake!

Even though Grant was a little sad from having to wake up, it did not take long for this chocolate cake with sprinkles and ice cream to cheer him up!

Can you find the little bubble coming down the road??  That's Savannah and Andrew, delivering birthday cake in the rain to our friends across the street! Having cake is nice.  Sharing cake is nicer.

Casey and Alan got caught in the rain and were able to duck in, just in time for cake!!!  Sadly, Kelli and Troy were not home, but we all have a standing date for next year!

We definitely miss our Blue Bell.  But in case of emergencies, Edy's Cookies and Cream will do just fine.  Or so Baby Grant says.  At least, that's what I think he would say...

I mustache you a question...

Aren't I just the cutest little birthday boy you ever did see, black eye and all?!

 Good to the very last drop!

Oh, my precious little Grant.  My G Money, my Grathus T. Jones.  From the moment you were so easily born, to the moment when you smiled at me with an a perfect set of baby teeth, to the moment when you got your first black eye, you have been an absolute joy and incredible delight!!  Like Pops says, you have the sweetest little disposition, except when somebody "does you wrong."  You are the only child I've seen who can throw the cutest, but still terrible, silent tantrum! Haa!  You are an easy baby to love!!  Sometimes, I call you my little Rooster because of that spray of strawberry blonde hair on your head and Mrs. Bonnie has said you look like a ray of sunshine coming down our church halls.  You really do.

I am so thankful for your sweet little life, for your happy-go-lucky personality, and your adorable desire to love on Mommy and Daddy all the time.  Except maybe when we are forcing you to eat your dinner of Chinese Chicken Salad. You are the best snuggle bunny.  The cutest blueberry eater.  You have the funniest angry face.  And a blossoming vocabulary.  You are patient and kind, except when your bigger siblings get to the juice boxes or marshmallows first.  You are always a great dancer, which you definitely got from your daddy.  That's okay.  You got your good looks from your momma.  ;))

I love you and hope you had the happiest of second birthdays.  Always love and follow Jesus..
  "Trust Him with all of your heart and lean not on your own understanding.  Acknowledge Him in all of your ways and He will direct your paths."  Like your brothers, we pray you become a mighty warrior, a steady soldier for the kingdom of Christ!  We love you, our little Grant.  Follow the One who first loved you.


  1. Dear Lissie! May Grant always follow the I w who created him so special - Jesus. He is so very special and we love our Grant. Thank you for loving Jesus !! Love Mom

  2. Granty looks so grown!!! Tell him to slow down and stop looking like such a man!!!

  3. I still feel like Grant is a baby! Haha! How is he two?! And it's so cute how all the neighbors have new babies!!


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